The Applications of Head and Face Anthropometric Measurements

The head is the most vital part of the human body. Because the head is a container that protects the human brain. For this reason, products or tools worn on the head must be safe and ergonomic. Anthropometric measurements are needed so that ergonomic values can be met. So what are the applications for anthropometric measurements of the head and face area? Let’s explore together!

What Is Anthropometry?

The term anthropometry is adapted from two ancient Greek words, namely “anthro” which means human (man), and “metron” which means measure. Anthropometry is generally defined as a study that is closely related to the measurement of the dimensions of the human body. And the science of anthropometry itself is part of the science of ergonomics which is specialized in studying body size.

Anthropometry from the nutritional point of view relates to various measurements of body dimensions and body composition of various ages and nutritional levels. Anthropometric measurements, especially in measuring body weight, have been the basic principles of nutritional assessment in health.

Not only from a nutritional point of view, based on the history of anthropometry, it has existed since 1987. At that time it was explained by Sanders & McCormick (1987) that anthropometry is the measurement of body dimensions or other physical characteristics of the body that are relevant to the design of the product worn and used by people on a daily basis.

Dimensions of Head and Face Measurement Area

When taking measurements on the head area, there are several measurements that must be made. This is because to find the required data, there are certain steps that must be met. We cannot analyze the growth and development of the human head or individual using only one measurement. A number of other head measurements are required.

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Here are the dimensions of the measurements on the head and face :

  1. Forehead Measurement
  2. Glabella measurement (subject outermost back side to front outermost size)
  3. Head Length (PKH)
  4. Head Height (TKP)
  5. Eye Chin Height (TDM)
  6. Eye to Eye Width (LMM)
  7. Face Width Measurement
  8. Head Area Measurement
  9. Lower Jaw Measurement
  10. Nose Length Measurement
  11. Nose Area Measurement
  12. Nasal Index Measurement

Head Area Anthropometric Measurement Function

The head is an important body part that requires detailed and periodic measurements. Here are some of the uses of head measurements are as follows :

1. Measuring Child Growth

For children aged 0-5 years, it is important to take regular head measurements. This condition is done because it is important to monitor the growth and development of children. This is to find out whether the child’s growth and development can take place normally, above normal, or below normal. Because after all, if the child’s head development is above normal or below normal, then there is something wrong with the child’s development.

head and face area anthropometric measurements

2. Able to be a reference in medical research

Measurement of head circumference, head width, and head shape can help the medical team to diagnose a certain condition or disease. For example, periodic measurements were made in village A, wherein that village the size of the child’s head on average was larger than the size of the child’s head that should be. So, the medical party can conduct analysis through measurements to find out the cause of the difference in the existing measurement numbers.

4. As Data To Make Mass Products

Besides being used in the medical world, head measurements are also often used as a reference for making a product that is used on the head. This is related to whether the resulting product has an appropriate function and is ergonomically appropriate. The importance of using this data is often needed by Industrial Engineering as an ingredient to make mass products that are needed by many people.

Application of Daily Head and Face Area Anthropometry Measurement

As mentioned earlier, anthropometric measurements of the head and face area are often used as a reference for making products that are worn on the head. This is because a number of products, such as helmets worn on the head, have crucial uses. Helmets are used to protect the rider’s head, it takes sturdy material and the right size for the rider’s head.

The head of every person in the world cannot be generalized. For this reason, measurements are needed with a range of age, gender, to certain special needs. The measurement results are what we know as small, medium, large, or extra large.

The head measurement can be used as a reference for measuring a number of products. These products include the size of the helmet, the size of the glasses, the size of the hat to the size of the hijab. To measure the product, it is necessary to pay attention to the principles of ergonomics.

The Most Accurate Anthropometric Measuring Tool

The results of anthropometric measurements require measuring tools to support these accurate results. Here is a selection of the best measuring tools that can be used :

Portable anthropometry kit

Metrisis – Portable anthropomethry produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia is a measurement tool derived from an anthropometry chair that is packed as a portable tool. As for how innovation should be, portable anthropometry could be used to measure more than 100 human body measurements. Just how chair anthropometry works, portable anthropometry could be used in various fields such as sport, forensic, industrial technic, product design, academy, and military.

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Get anthropometric measuring tools from Solo Abadi by filling in the available ask for price. You can also connect directly through our WhatsApp, because we are ready to contact you immediately.

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