Get To Know The Most Accurate Ergonomic Measurement Methods

Anthropometry is a key element in determining the level of comfort and safety of a product or workspace that is in accordance with user characteristics. The characteristics of the users themselves can include certain conditions such as being old or having special needs. However, in reality there are gaps in the application of anthropometric data. This means that various error factors are encountered in data collection or methodology and ergonomics application in product design. In this article, we will discuss various ergonomic measurement methods to know the most accurate ergonomic measurement methods.

What is Ergonomic Design ?

Human factor or human factor in design is the most important factor. The suitability of the design with human needs is called ergonomic design. Thus, ergonomic design is supposed to be user-oriented design.

Basically, the goal of ‘design’ in product design is to solve problems. In a sense, the design adjusts to the needs of the user’s behavior, so anthropometric data collection is needed. Therefore, it is important for a design engineer to know the design strategy based on human factors and compare the relevance of comfort level with human needs or build a regression model.

Regression model is a term used to compare two variables which in this case are represented by the level of comfort and human needs taken from anthropometric data.

Various Measurement Methodology
Regression Model

Ergonomic Measurement Method

Ergonomics will be created if the anthropometric data collected is accurate. Various methods and techniques of anthropometric measurement have been developed from time to time to maximize the level of accuracy. However, the level of accuracy in anthropometric measurements depends a lot on various factors, such as the measurement technique used, the measurement posture, the position of the measuring instrument to the pressure exerted by the measuring instrument which cannot be avoided.

Anthropometric measurement methods are actually divided into three ways, namely 2D Phtogrammetric Methods, 3D Scanning Methods and Direct Manual Measurement. The following is a review of each measurement method in product design.

2D Photogrammetric Methods

Another method in anthropometric measurements is 2D Photogrammetric Methods or Photo Grammetry which in its application uses a multi-camera photogrammetric system. Data on the surface of the human body can be easily obtained from different points of view. While this may sound more effective, the accuracy of this measurement can be affected by various factors such as the number of registered images, the viewing angle, distortion of the camera lens when shooting and lighting conditions.

3D Scanning Methods

Measurements using 3D Scanning technology have been used since the last 2 decades. This method uses an Electromechanical Probe or an Electromagnetic System sensor that will scan the surface of the body. This 3D scan will produce a duplicate of the measurement object which will then generate anthropometric data with the help of a certain computer. Although it sounds effective, like Photo Grammetry or 2D Photogrammetric this scanning method is also affected by technical errors such as camera lens distortion and lighting conditions. In addition, the industry needs to spend quite a bit to implement 3D Scanning Methods.

Direct Manual Measurement

Direct Manual Measurement or manual measurement is the collection of anthropometric data which is done conventionally using measuring tools such as Measuring Tape. Manual measurement is usually done to get the length and width measurements. However, this measurement is a measurement that easily depends on human error and the body posture of the object of measurement.

Even so, this measurement is the most frequently encountered so far, in various sectors including the health sector, industrial engineering to occupational safety. The reason is, measurement. One way to overcome this is to choose measuring instruments that are in accordance with standards such as the Anthropometry Chair and Portable Anthropometry. The reason is that these two tools have gone through a calibration process or a process of verifying the level of accuracy of a measuring instrument.

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So, What is The Most Accurate Measurement Method ?

Although ergonomic measurement methods have developed rapidly, the implementation of Photo Grammetry and 3D Scanning has not been widely found in the manufacturing industry, especially in developing countries. Apart from the lack of qualified technology, the implementation of this digital measurement requires considerable costs. Therefore, Direct Manual Measurement is the right option.

Basically, the size of the human body will change along with the activities the human is doing. For example, measurements taken in a standing position will differ from measurements taken in a sitting position. Therefore, the Anthropometry Chair was created to collect human anthropometric data in a sitting position. In addition, the Anthropometry Chair innovation was also created to measure the facial area. Measurements with Anthropometric Chairs are usually used to create products such as Work Chairs, Gaming Chairs and so on.

Measurement Tool for Product Design

1. Kursi Antropometri

Anthropometric Tool called Anthropometric Measurement

The Anthropometry Chair is the most complete instrument in measuring anthropometry in the human body. The Anthropometry Chair produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia can measure 34 dimensions of the human body. Among them are height measurements, sitting position to face measurements. This instrument includes all measurements required in the design of military clothing and equipment.

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One thing that is crucial in the measurement of female pilots is the measurement in the sitting position. The pilot’s seat position will determine its performance. The Anthropometry Chair is the right instrument for this. These instruments have also been used in other disciplines such as industrial engineering, ergonometry, anthropology, forensics and many other industries.

2. Antropometri Portable

Anthropometric Measurement Tools known as Portable Anthropometry

Anthropometric measurements usually use many instruments due to the large number of body parts that need to be measured. Portable Anthropometry is an anthropometric measuring instrument that can measure 100 measurements. In addition, Solo Abadi Indonesia produces this instrument in a portable design that can facilitate the mobility of its users.

About PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

PT. Solo Abadi Indonesia is a company located in Surakarta, Central Java. Engaged in manufacturing and is the largest producer of portable stadiometers, infantometer board, anthropometric chairs and stunting kit in Indonesia, which was established in 2005. Solo Abadi’s products can be applied in various fields of science such as health, anthropology, forensics, industrial engineering, product design, academia, to the military. We hope that we can continue to contribute to advancing the domestic industry by offering certified and licensed products for distribution.

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