Modern Anthropometry Measurement Tools Used in Industrial Engineering Laboratories

The world is increasingly experiencing modern developments going forward. For this reason, everyone should prepare to develop their abilities toward better things. This applies also to various fields of science in the world. In this article, we want to discuss the modernization that can be done in Industrial Engineering.

One of the changes that can be created to welcome modernization in science is to change several aspects. One way is to change the tools used in the existing learning process. Besides, what we will explain are the measurement tools that can be used. Some industrial engineering laboratories still use classical or contemporary measuring instruments in the learning process undertaken.

The contemporary change to conventional creates an update which is certainly positive. Also, we will discuss modern anthropometric measuring instruments that can be used in Industrial Engineering laboratories.

Ergonomic Elements in making Product Design

Anthropometric measuring instruments into one of the many tools that are essential to use. This is because Industrial Engineering studies product designs and environments that have ergonomic properties or contain ergonomic elements. Ergonomics itself is a condition that studies human relationships and their interactions with products, equipment, facilities, procedures, and the environment used in work or daily life. For example, how a product can affect comfort in doing work or daily activities. However, before that, if you still want to learn more about ergonomics in manufacturing products, please visit the following link.

The Importance of Using Anthropometry in Industrial Engineering

In Industrial Engineering, the science of anthropometry measurement of the human body is an important thing. Before we learn about the tools that can be used in anthropometric measurements, we must first discuss anthropometrics. According to a study from the Chair and Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics, RWTH Aachen University, in industrial engineering studies, anthropometry is used to understand ergonomic designs as follows:

1. To find out the criteria and requirements for product or room design

2. To learn the basics in anthropometric measurements

3. To understand the possibility of movement, vision and range of analysis

4. To learn about measurement methods and measurement tools that are assisted by computers.

Some of the above are presentations on the importance of anthropometric learning conducted in Industrial Engineering. In this case, the measurements made pay attention to some data that needs to be updated, namely:

1. Body height and length

2. Volume

3. Body size / range

4. Corpulence

5. The angle of movement

Good measurement data can be obtained with effective and maximum anthropometric measurements. This of course can be achieved efficiently with the tools and methods that support the creation of effective learning.

At present, two instruments can be used to find the required human anthropometric data. The two instruments are:

1. Chair Anthropometric

Anthropometry Chair is an instrument used to measure the dimensions of the human body. This instrument can measure more than 34 dimensions of the human body. This tool becomes one of the effective modern measuring instruments. Some of the advantages of measurements that use anthropometric chairs are:

  • Improve product accuracy and comfort.
  • Save time in making the measurement process.
  • Optimizing the utilization of human resources, because it can be done only with 2 people.
  • Minimizing product manufacturing errors due to errors in measuring manually.

2. Portable Anthropometry Kit

Anthropometry instruments that are currently popular are Portable Anthropometry or also known as the ‘Anthropometry Kit’. Unlike anthropometric chairs, this tool is simpler because it can be carried anywhere. Also, there are several tools in this tool such as anthropometer, sliding caliper and spreading caliper. Some of the advantages maintained by the Portable Anthropometry Set are:

  • It can measure height, width, length, and depth in the dimensions of the human body.
  • Four instruments can support measurement.
  • Easy to use because the measurement that used is simple.
  •  Accuracy, durability, and ease of use have been tested.

If at this time you want to find a modern anthropometric measuring instrument that can be used to complete your Engineering laboratory. So, the two instruments can be selected and adjusted to the function to be achieved. Both instruments have different advantages. Please visit this link to find out details about anthropometric chairs. And if you are interested to discuss further the specifications of portable anthropometry, please click on this link.

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