Stunting Children Susceptible To Tuberculosis (TBC), Why This Happend?

The incidence of children with stunting conditions in this country continues to be worrying. Stunting prevalence in Indonesia has been recorded at 24%. This is still far from the government’s target of lowering the stunting rate below 14%. For this reason, various prevention and control efforts ranging from upstream to downstream are carried out by the government in reducing stunting in Indonesia.

children with malnutrition or stunting are susceptible to tuberculosis

Stunting children are a serious problem and cannot be underestimated. Why not? Children with stunting conditions will have an impact on their physical, motor, and mental conditions of children. Even children with stunting conditions are also susceptible to other diseases. For example, tuberculosis (TBC). This disease is generally prone to occur in children less than three years of age.

Then what is the relationship between stunting with tuberculosis (TBC)? Check out this short article.

Tuberculosis (TBC)

Tuberculosis or commonly referred to as TBC is an infectious disease caused by acid-resistant bacteria (BTA) Mycobacterium tuberculosis that can attack the body’s immunity. According to who, tuberculosis is a serious global health problem. Who says that every year 10 million people are infected with tuberculosis (TBC).

Tbc disease in children

TBC is prone to attack in children less than three years of age. The majority of TBC disease occurs in developing countries with densely populated environmental conditions. In 2021, Indonesia ranked third after India and China with TBC cases in the world. There are 824,000 people with the cases with 93,000 deaths each year due to tuberculosis. This means that every day there are 11 deaths from tuberculosis.

Factors that cause tuberculosis (TBC) include:

  1. Individual characteristics include age, gender, BCG immunization status, and nutritional status.
  2. The exposure factor is the length of time the child is exposed to a disease in the long term. This factor is caused by the splash of sputum in the air or the length of breathing air.
  3. The home environment includes ventilation, lighting, humidity, and density of home occupancy.
giving BBCG vaccine to children to increase the body's immunity from TB germs

Between Stunting and Tuberculosis (TBC) in Children

Currently, Indonesia is facing a global problem, namely stunting. Children who are indicated stunting will be susceptible to tuberculosis (TBC). This is related to the provision of child nutrition from the womb until the age of under three years.

The above mentioned that one of the factors that cause tuberculosis (TBC) in children is nutritional status. Giving less nutrition to children will result in the body being easily infected with the disease. Because the nutrients obtained are not able to fight the germs. Meanwhile, children with adequate nutrition will be easy to fight the germs.

the relationship of stunting with tuberculosis in children

Nutritional status is an important factor in the protection of children from the womb until he is born. This will protect the body affected by TBC germ infection. However, children who have indications of stunting will be susceptible to contracting tuberculosis. Because stunting children have nutritional disorders where the child’s body will be weak to fight the germs. Stunting occurs from the child in the womb until the age of two years. If at that age the nutrients obtained are lacking, his body will be easily affected by TBC disease.

Ready Quality Stunting Detection Tools

Children with the risk of stunting can be known by taking measurements periodically every month. These measurements include weight, height, and arm circumference. Thus, a precise and quality measuring instrument is needed.

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  2. Infantometer board (baby length gauge with base)
  3. Portable infantometer (baseless baby length gauge)
  4. Head Circumference Arm Circumference (LILA)
  5. Exclusive storage bags
stunting kit package from Solo Abadi
Stunting Kit Package from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

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