Size of Face Golden Ratio Proportion with Portable Anthropometry

Having an ideal face proportion is everyone’s dream. Because an attractive appearance can boost confidence in an individual. The golden ratio of the face of the golden ratio itself is the standard of the ideal proportion of a person’s face. What if you are solid yourself? Are your facial proportions ideal? Let’s find out together how to measure the golden ratio on the face with portable anthropometry!

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Understanding the Golden Ratio

The golden ratio is widely used by architects and artists to design their works. The Golden Ratio is a mathematical proportion that is considered universal beauty, so many apply it to works of art, design, architecture, etc.

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The implementation of the golden ratio formula has been around for a long time, since the European Renaissance. Busy artists and architects use the golden ratio formula to map their work. However, there are also a number of artists who do not fix their work with this golden ratio, because they think that aesthetics are not tied to certain formulas.

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Centuries later, scientists helped to adopt this mathematical formula to explain why some people are considered handsome or beautiful, while others are not. The facial golden ratio is a formula that can be used to see whether a person’s facial condition is ideal or not. If anthropometric measurements of facial proportions such as forehead, eyes, cheekbones and so on match this golden ratio formula, then the face is considered beautiful. In other words, the beauty of a person’s face can be measured through the golden ratio formula.

Face Golden Ratio and Anthropometry

Anthropometry is a term that comes from the Greek words “anthropos” (human) and “metron” (measurement). Anthropometry is a study that is closely related to the measurement of the dimensions of the human body. And anthropometry itself is part of the science of ergonomics which is specialized in studying body size.

The scope of anthropometric measurements covers all parts of the human body, including the dimensions of the face. Anthropometry is closely related to the golden ratio, because this mathematical formula measures the proportions of the face, then determines whether the measurement results are in accordance with universal beauty standards or not.

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Calculating the golden ratio of a person’s face is practiced by experts, the calculation can be done through several stages. Here are the three stages of the calculation :

  • Experts measure the length and width of the face using anthropometric measuring instruments or through photometry. A face will be considered beautiful if it has a count of the length of the face that is higher than its width (approximately one and a half times).
  • Experts measure three segments of the face, forehead hairline to eyes, then eyes down nose, and under nose to under chin. If the count of the proportions is the same, the person will meet the criteria of universal beauty.
  • The expert will calculate the symmetry as well as the proportions. On a face that has ideal proportions, the length of the ears will be the same as the length of the nose. Then, the width of the eyes will also be equal to the distance between the eyes.

Dimensions of Facial Anthropometry Measurement

According to Leonardo da Vinci, a face with ideal proportions is a face that can be divided into three in equal proportions. Namely, between the frontal hairline and the supraorbital line (Trichion-Glabella), the supraorbital line with the base of the nose (Glabella-Subnasal), and the floor of the nose and the lower tip of the chin (Subnasal Menton).

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Here are a number of body dimensions that are measured in calculating the golden ratio on the face:

  1. Trichion (Distance between hairline and forehead to eyebrows)
  2. Glabella (Distance between two eyebrows)
  3. Subnazale (Distance from Glabella to under nose)
  4. Menton (distance between the subnazale to the bottom of the chin, which is the pointed end of the face)

The most accurate Anthropometry Measurement

The results of anthropometric measurements in determining nutritional status must be accurate and precise. Therefore, a measuring instrument is needed that supports these accurate results. Here is a selection of the best measuring tools that can be used:

Portable Anthropometry Kit for University

Metrisis – Portable Anthropometry produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia is an anthropometric measuring instrument derived from the anthropometric chair which is packaged in a portable form, so that the measuring instrument can be moved or carried anywhere easily. Like an innovation, portable anthropometry can be used to measure up to more than 100 dimensions of the human body.

The function of this tool is to carry out anthropometric measurements that are carried out carefully and prioritize the accuracy of the data. This instrument offers measurement capabilities of up to 100 measurements. In addition, its portable form makes this tool can be used unlimited time and done anywhere.

Anthropometric kits from SOLO ABADI have been sent to various departments in Indonesia. Currently, 8 Portable Anthropometry kits from SOLO ABADI have been used, one of which is the Department of Medicine, Islamic University of Indonesia. The following are the details of the Anthropometry Portable Kit product.

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