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Along with the development of the times, humans often use tools to do their tasks. Such as examples of measuring aids, heavy aids, hearing aids, etc. But with these tools, it is also important for us to pay attention to the ergonomic principles of these tools. With the ergonomics principle earlier, so that it can make the tool in accordance with the convenience of its users. Therefore we need measuring instruments for the dimensions of the human body. And the facilities used should be designed according to the size of the human body.

Tools to achieve ergonomic principles

With the thought of ergonomic principles and the importance of measuring the anthropometry of the human body, the anthropometric chair was created. An anthropometric chair is a measuring aid used to calculate body dimensions in humans.

Rancangan kursi antropometri
Anthropometric chair design process

Some products that require anthropometric chair assistance in their designs include chairs, tables, clothes, pants, and architect design and interior design. And various other product designs that are still related to size.

Actually what is the use of anthropometric chairs?

As we know, the anthropometric chair is a tool that focuses on measuring the dimensions of the body in humans. With the results of this measurement, finally it can be used as a benchmark for making products that require detailed measurements.

With this product, we hope that this anthropometric chair can help you to create superior products in the future. The function of the anthropometric chair itself can actually be felt, including:

  • Improve product accuracy and comfort.
  • Save time in measuring.
  • Optimizing the utilization of human resources, because it can be done with only 2 people.
  • Minimizes product manufacturing errors due to manual measuring errors.

With the anthropometric chair design that is simpler and has important functions in making a product, it is expected to be able to help in increasing the value of the product that you have designed.

Some supporting elements need to be combined with the aim of achieving comfort in collecting anthropometric data. So that the measurement process can be done easily and thoroughly. You can see the following examples of anthropometric chair design drawings, with an explanation of each of the anthropometric chair elements:

jual kursi antropometri aman dan nyaman
Example of anthropometric chair designs


  • Head Area Gauge, used for measuring face area.
  • Forearm Gauge, to measure the dimensions of the forearm.
  • Alas Sit, to measure the length of the legs and the height of the shoulders sitting.
  • Base, the base of the subject is used to stand as the anthropometric seat zero point surface.
  • Hand Reach Height Gauge, measures the height of the hand in a standing position and hands hold up to the top point.
  • Height Measurement, to measure height with the dimensions of the top of the head.
  • Shoulder Height Measurement measures the top dimensions of the shoulder height.
  • Upper Arm Measurer, to measure the dimensions of the upper arm.
  • Jack, to move the seat base as a zero reference point when the subject is sitting.

The following are some of the advantages of this anthropometric chair, namely:

  • A simple and safe procedure to use.
  • Do not need experts, only need to be detailed in observing.
  • Durable in use.
  • Using the right method and easy to understand.
  • Knock down assembly system so that it can be stored in a concise and neat manner.
  • The system raises and lowers the seat that has used hydraulics.

So we can conclude that the anthropometric data can determine the shape and dimensions of the product you are designing. In this connection, the reference design of a product must be able to focus on the dimensions of the largest population that will use the product you designed. And to stay focused on the human dimension, use the anthropometric chair as a measurement aid.

Jual kursi antropometri
Anthropometric chair
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