Guidelines in Designing a Product

The influence of globalization in the industrial world has recently been felt in terms of competition between companies that are becoming increasingly competitive. No wonder if the products they make are increasingly diverse and varied. With this, the product is also required to continue to develop and be innovative, so that it will be able to face competition for other products.  As well as in terms of product design, the details should be further improved. The principle is that the higher the value of a product made for customer convenience, the higher the level of customer satisfaction.

Desain produk
An example of product without ergonomic aspects

But on the contrary, if there is a gap in the value of the product there will be a problem of customer dissatisfaction so that it can lead to loss of customers. Therefore, you are also required to always make the value of the product you make continues to increase according to the wishes of the customer. We can agree together, the product will be in accordance with the wishes of the customer if the fulfillment of the ergonomic principles of a product.

An important point in raising the value of the product

In discussing the quality and value of the product, the exact dimensions of the product are the most noticed. With the determination of the size of each product, it is expected that the product made will be the same as the data for each user dimension group.

The quality of an actual product is determined by the customers. The first step that you have to do is find out what product design ultimately makes customers feel comfortable and safe when using your product. The second step that you do is to process the measurement of your product appropriately so that the product that is made feels ergonomic by the user.

The principle used in making the product

When discussing the principle of making products, ergonomic principles should always be the main focus. Ergonomics also has several values that must be considered, including:

  • Physical ergonomics, which is related to the anatomy of the human body such as anthropometry, a person’s physical characteristics related to physical activity.
  • Cognitive ergonomics, is closely related to human mental processes such as perception, reliability of work, and psychological comfort.
  • Organizational ergonomics, related to work system optimization. Like organizational structure, policies and processes.
  • Environmental ergonomics, related to the design of the work space, as well as the ergonomics of the work environment.

When product design has focused on ergonomics, ergonomic support equipment should also be needed. Like a body measuring device, a tool to measure the design of work facilities, as well as ergonomics laboratory equipment.

Contoh alat ukur untuk desain produk
Example of measurement tool for product design measurement

Then what are the tools that must be in the ergonomics laboratory?

Before collecting size data that will later be used as a guideline in product design planning. Tools that need to be prepared include:

1. Anthropometry Measurement Tool

  • Anthropometer set
  • Body composition monitor
  • Scales
  • Hand evaluation set
  • Dial caliper
  • Flexible curve
  • Measuring tape (meter)
  • Body tape measurement (meter diameter)

2. Working Biomechanics Measurement

  • Electronic push / pull dynamometer
  • Hand grip dynamometer
  • Electromyograph
  • Force transducer

3. Work Physiology Measurement Tool

  • Stopwatch
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Pulse monitor
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Electroenchepalo graph

4. Physical Work Environment Measurement Tool

  • 4 in 1 environment meter
  • Sound level meter
  • WBGT measurement
  • Thermometer + Hygrometer
  • Wet & dry thermometer
  • Ear thermometer
  • Light meter
  • Inclino meter
  • Ph meter
  • Climatic chamber

Not only can it be used as an ergonomics laboratory instrument, it is also a tool used in industrial engineering. With these tools, so we can make product designs that are based on the average size of humans. If the design and results are as expected, which is the same as the details of the dimensions of the user, it is not impossible if the traffic on your product sales will increase.

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