Get to Know the Definition and Application of Macro Ergonomics in Everyday Life

Macro ergonomics is one of two types of ergonomics implementation. Ergonomics itself is a familiar term in a number of fields, such as interior design, product design, to industrial engineering. As often explained before, ergonomics has close ties with anthropometry. Without us realizing that the presence of these two sciences is so close in everyday life, then what is meant by ergonomics and how is macroergonomics implemented on a daily basis?

Let’s review the matter together!

Definition and Types of Ergonomics

The term ergonomics is adapted from the Ancient Greek “ergon” and “nomos” which have the meaning of work and rules respectively. So it can be concluded that ergonomics means the science that explains the interaction between humans and their work environment or activities. Therefore the scope of ergonomics itself is wide and varied, with a basis of engineering, human sciences, economics to social sciences.

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The existence of ergonomics aims to reduce the human workload while still paying attention to worker productivity. Because the scope is so wide, ergonomics are classified into two, namely micro ergonomics and macro ergonomics. On this occasion, we will explore macro ergonomics.

Macro Ergonomics Coverage

As its nickname ‘macro’, macro ergonomics is a science with a very broad scope. Micro ergonomics is also incorporated into macro ergonomics, the scope of which includes groups or organizations, corporations, the wider community to the state. This type of ergonomics can be called integrated because it includes the knowledge, methods and tools of various systems.

macro ergonomics

Of course, we have all experienced the application of macro ergonomics, even though we have never heard of this term. This is because the application of macro ergonomics when studied holistically can be found in almost all human activities with their environment.

Discovering the Application of Macro Ergonomics in Everyday Life

As mentioned, with macro ergonomics broad coverage, it will be easy to find its application in everyday life. The smallest work system such as a house, for example, can be found dozens of implementations of macro ergonomics. This implementation includes the design of the house space, the height of the building and its width, which have been adjusted to the dimensions of the human body or anthropometry.

Not only that, household supporting equipment such as mops, buckets, pans, and so on have also applied the principles of macro ergonomics. But do not rule out the possibility that a number of products does not really pay attention to this principle which ends up harming many residents of the house.

For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the principles of ergonomics in choosing products for everyday life. From furniture to personal items, today many people are aware of the importance of ergonomics. Ergonomic products itselves are also now very easy to find in online-based marketplaces, you just have to type the keyword ‘ergonomic’ and then tens to hundreds of products will appear.

For the needs of furniture and room design, especially for the elderly and disabled, products that are made specifically according to the dimensions of the human body or anthropometry are needed. Here are the most accurate anthropometric measurement tools that can be used.

The Most Accurate Anthropometry Measurement Tool

Anthropometric measurements in measuring foot anthropometry to design work systems and room designs must be accurate and precise. So it is necessary measuring tools that support these accurate results. Here is a selection of the best measuring tools that can be used :

Portable Anthropometry Kit

Metrisis – Antropometri portabel produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia inc. is an anthropometric measuring instrument derived from an anthropometric chair which is packaged in a portable form, so that the measuring instrument can be moved or carried anywhere easily. Befitting an innovation, portable anthropometry can be used to measure up to 100 dimensions of the human body.

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The function of this tool is to carry out anthropometric measurements which are carried out carefully and prioritize data accuracy. This instrument offers measuring capability of up to 100 measurements. Besides, its portable shape allows this tool to be used unlimited time and can be done anywhere.

Anthropometric kits from SOLO ABADI have been sent to various departments in Indonesia. Currently, 8 Portable Anthropometry kits from SOLO ABADI have been used by the Department of Medicine, Islamic University of Indonesia. Following are the details of the product Portable Anthropometry Kit.

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