How to Overcome Error and Unstable Digital Baby Scale Reading Indicators

Often encountered by users, the digital baby scale reading indicator error then becomes unstable and changes rapidly. This certainly hampers the performance of users, both posyandu cadres and hospital health workers. So what’s really going on, is the scale broken?

Don’t panic, because not always a scale that is no longer functioning normally means it can no longer be used. Error scales can still be serviced if a technical error occurs. Not infrequently it turns out that it can be overcome by yourself using a manual guide book.

Error Scale Reading Indicator

Problems like this are often encountered, especially in the midst of measurement activities at posyandu. This is because baby scales at the posyandu are used to measure the weight of dozens of babies. So that in the process, it allows data overload to occur. The problem of data overload on baby scales has a solution which is actually very easy to do.

digital baby scale error
Digital Baby Scales Reader Indicator Illustration

However, it is only natural that this problem will cause panic, because the features that can overcome this problem are not widely known to the public. Moreover, digital baby scales are measuring instruments that are sensitive and very thorough. This is regulated in the Blueprint of the Ministry of Health SE No. HK.02.02-III-5740-2022 concerning Technical Standards for Provision of 2D Anthropometry and Ultrasonography Equipment in the 2022 Fiscal DAK.

Not without reason, this one measuring instrument really needs to have high accuracy. Because the object being measured is a baby whose growth is rapid and needs to be monitored at least once a week.

Generally, the growth or weight gain of the baby can be seen every day. In one day the baby’s weight can increase up to 20 grams, which then when accumulated can reach 110 to 226.8 grams in one week. Therefore, measuring instruments must be thorough and accurate in order to monitor the baby’s growing weight.

Troubleshooting Digital Baby Scale Error

Weight reading indicators on digital baby scales where errors result from data overload. So the numbers on the reading indicators are constantly changing based on the object being superimposed on the cross section. There is no pause to read the baby’s weight, this is quite troublesome for posyandu workers.

The solution to this problem is to use the Hold button available on the digital baby scales that you have. The button functions to provide a pause for the reader indicator to stop changing. In addition, the user also needs to pay attention to the stability of the object, the more movement the object creates, the more unstable it will be. Also note that the surface or base of the scales should be completely flat so that the scales can measure stably.

digital baby scale error
Digital Baby Scales Reading Indicator Illustration

By pressing the button, the digital baby scale reading indicator that was previously constantly vibrating or changing will return to normal. So there is no need to disassemble or take it to a service place because you can do it yourself. All of this information has actually been announced in the usage guide which is already available on the product packaging. So don’t panic just yet, stay calm and read the user manual carefully.

Digital Baby Scales for Posyandu

METRISIS – Digital Baby Scales produced by PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is a digital weight measuring instrument produced domestically. This instrument can be used to monitor the weight of babies 0-2 years. Digital baby scales are projected instruments for stunting prevention, used to monitor child growth and development in order to detect stunting from an early age.

Complete specifications for METRISIS – Solo Abadi Digital Baby Scales :

  • TKDN certificate with a value of 41.04%
  • Dimensions: 700 X 320 X 88 Mm
  • Weight: 2 Kg
  • Capacity : 20 Kg
  • Accuracy : 5 gr
  • LCD Size : 75 X 30 Mm
  • Power Source: 4×1.5v AAA
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Display Type : LCD/Digital Display
  • Button : On/Off
  • Indicator : Error/Overload
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Get METRISIS – Digital Baby Weight Scale

Get Digital Baby Scales from Solo Abadi by filling in the available ask for price. You can also connect directly via our WhatsApp, as we are ready to contact you soon.

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