Difficulty Coding Production On Drug Packaging? Check Out This Way

Industrial technology is currently making rapid progress. Where industrial production used to be done manually using the hands of workers, nowadays with the rapid transformation of the industry the production needs can be easily done with automatic machines.

Currently, the development of the industrial sector is increasing with the emergence of the term industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is an industrial revolution that focuses on automation and the emergence of collaboration between technology and human resources.

The manufacturing industry is one of the industries included in industry 4.0, where businesses or companies produce finished goods from raw materials using tools, equipment, production machinery, and others in large quantities. Starting from the process of preparing to find materials, process, and package products are done with the help of automatic machines.

The manufacturing industry can absorb large amounts of labor, to reduce unemployment in Indonesia. This industry is often called a labor-intensive company. One example of the manufacturing industry is the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the industries that utilize machine power in the production of medicines and medical devices. This industry is a sector that is in demand today because the demand for medical devices and medicines is increasing in the current covid-19 pandemic.

Manually administering production code
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In producing medicines, the pharmaceutical industry strongly guarantees the quality and quality of its products. Since the selection of materials, processing, to packaging is very concerned about the details of the production machine to product information. One of the important information that must be contained in the packaging of the drug is the production code. This production code is about the date, month, and year of production. Drug packaging can be made of plastic or paper.

So the provision of production codes is very important to inform consumers of the drug well used before what date. Then, is your pharmaceutical industry having difficulty in providing drug packaging production codes? Check out this short article review of automated machines that can be used easily in the provision of production codes in the pharmaceutical industry.

Code Production On Drug Packaging With This One Automatic Machine

Machines that easily code production on drug packaging labels in the pharmaceutical industry are feeder machines. A feeder machine is a machine that serves to remove paper one by one, then the papers are streamed through the conveyor belt. The existence of feeder machines is certainly familiar in the pharmaceutical industry. Because this machine has an important role in supporting the running of production.

This feeder machine can be used in giving production codes automatically on paper-made drug packaging one by one. The feeder machine itself in Indonesia is called a friction feeder or feeder machine. These feeder machines can be combined as support machines against production machines in the pharmaceutical industry. The benefits of feeder machines in the pharmaceutical industry include:

  1. Assist the production process in the efficient provision of production codes.
  2. Accelerate the production process in large quantities.
  3. Production time can be done more quickly and effectively.
  4. Minimize errors in the process of providing production code.
  5. This machine can be combined with other machines to support the production process.

Ready Feeder Machine for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Until now the production of feeder machines in Indonesia is still rarely encountered. Usually, many companies import manufacturing machines, one of which is this feeder machine from abroad. However, in Indonesia itself, there is one company that provides feeder machines for your pharmaceutical industry, namely PT Solo Abadi Indonesia. This manufacturing company is located in the city of Surakarta, Central Java. Feeder machine products from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia are Light Feeders. Although local products, the quality of feeder machines from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is not much less when compared to feeder machines from abroad. Why a feeder machine from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia? Because this feeder machine has the best quality among them:

  1. The only automatic feeder machine from Indonesia.
  2. Made of stainless steel so that the machine is anti-rust and durable.
  3. The machine is easy to operate and clean.
  4. The design of the machine is simple and easily adapted to the conditions of industrial premises and spaces.
  5. Easy and friendly machine maintenance.
  6. Machines are easily connected or combined with other industrial machines.
  7. Maximum after-sales and proper quality control.
  8. Service number one and can be delivered throughout Indonesia.

To see the details of the specifications and qualifications of this feeder machine from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia for the needs of your pharmaceutical industry, please just visit our social media on Instagram or our official Facebook. You can also check out YouTube Solo Abadi Indonesia for this feeder engine. For consultation and offers, you can immediately contact via WhatsApp at 0851-0088-8111 and can directly fill in the ASK FOR PRICE that has been provided. We provide the best service for you, do not hesitate to connect with us. Solo Abadi, Creative Work Sincerely Serves.

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