Get To Know Anthropometric Examination in Medical Science

Anthropometry has a significant role in the field of medical science. As we know, medical science is the study of health maintenance which includes prevention, treatment, and management of the disease. So many branches of science in it. The anthropometric examination also plays an important role in the practice of medical science.

While the study of anatomy in medicine is a science that studies the chronology of anatomical problems such as body parts. Therefore, in practice, medical science is closely related to anthropometry. For example, anthropometry examination in medical science.

Get to Know Anthropometry

Anthropometry generally means measuring body dimensions. The term anthropometry comes from the ancient Greek terms anthropos which means human and metron which means measure. The dimensions of the human body in question start from bone, muscle, and fat tissue.

Anthropometry itself is not only focused on one field, there are several fields that also take advantage of the role of anthropometry. Fields that utilize anthropometry include architectural design, furniture, tools, automobiles, textiles, forensics, health, and medical science is no exception.

Anthropometric Examination in Medical Science

After knowing the definition and types of anthropometry, Sobad Solid now knows about the significant and important role of anthropometry in medical science. Anthropometry is a science that is used in many fields, with a broad scope, anthropometry can also be applied in the practice of medical science. Anthropometry is currently often used in the implementation of screening for malnutrition cases because its use is relatively easy, inexpensive, and practical. Even though it is practical and easy, the results of anthropometric measurements must be accurate

anthropometric examination in medical science
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Anthropometry in medical science is used to measure the dimensions of a person’s body accurately and in detail. While anthropometry is specifically needed in the orthopedic field to determine the appropriate size of the tool, in the field of sports medicine it is used with fitness or fitness, and in forensic anthropometry to identify a person’s identity to find anatomical points of the body.

In summary, important anthropometric measurements are used in many areas of medical science. Meanwhile, before carrying out an anthropometric examination, the practitioner is required to know the anatomical points of the body first. Anthropometric examination in medical science must be valid and reliable.

Not only in medical sciences, but anthropometry is also applied in some product design such as designing bicycles, designing furniture products, designing racing car chair, etc.

The Most Accurate Anthropometric Measuring Tool

Anthropometry measurement result in anthropometry examination should be precision and valid. Thus, we need a measurement tool that supports accurate result. Here is the best measurement tool option that could be used :

Portable anthropomethry kit

Metrisis – Portable anthropomethry produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia is a measurement tool derived from an anthropometry chair that is packed as a portable tool. As for how innovation should be, portable anthropometry could be used to measure more than 100 human body measurements. Just how chair anthropometry works, portable anthropometry could be used in various fields such as sport, forensic, industrial technic, product design, academy, and military.

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