Stunting’s Measurement Standards by the Government of Indonesia

The problem of stunting in Indonesia is one of the health problems which is quite critical to be studied. Stunting itself is a dwarf condition that attacks infants or toddlers caused by a lack of nutrition they receive. The problem of stunting is becoming increasingly complex due to the nature of stunting which requires massive and periodic handling.

Because after all, stunting is a damaging condition. Especially seeing that child development is an important thing for the progress of a country. Because the impact of stunting is more perceived when the child has reached adulthood such as:

  1. Lack of Children’s Intelligence Due to Stunting
  2. Low Child Cognitive and Motoric Systems
  3. Child’s Immune System Becomes Poor
  4. Vulnerable Children Exposed To Chronic Diseases Such As Diabetes, Heart, And Forth

Stunting Measurement Standards in Indonesia

In stunting itself, the government requires every circle to be able to measure stunting. Then do you understand, what measurements are there to detect stunting?

  1. Measurement of Height or Body Length
  2. Weight Measurement
  3. Measurement of Arm and Body Circumference

With these measurements, it is believed that we can understand the growth of the child’s body. This order also is closely related to how nutrition indicators for children are following what is needed. For example, children who have a small weight and short height, especially for children of that age, need proper handling. Because this can be caused by several factors, one of which may be due to chronic malnutrition.

Standard Stunting Measuring Instrument by the Government of Indonesia

Seeing the importance of stunting at this time, the Indonesian government as a party who took part in solving the problem then made several mechanisms and certain policies. One of the government’s policies is the periodic stunting measurement. Stunting measurement is a must for babies, toddlers to children.

However, due to geographical conditions and other factors, sometimes some areas are still difficult to monitor anthropometric measurements in children. Even though this measurement is crucial.

Regulation of The Minister Of Health Of The Republic Of Indonesia 02 Of 2019

According to the Minister of Health regulation which is then required to be a reference for anthropometric measurements, it is said that there are several anthropometric instruments that must be prepared in conducting anthropometric measurements, namely:

1. Weight Measurement

Weight gauges usually use electronic digital scales with a maximum capacity of 150 kg. It is also important to note that the scales are easy to operate with weighing figures that are easy to read clearly.

2. Measuring Height or Body Length

The measuring instrument for calculating height and length is usually a stadiometer. This measuring instrument is usually multifunctional because it can be used to measure adult height, standing up. Nor do you measure the length of a child’s body under two years (under two million). Stadiometer made from anodized aluminum pipe: consists of 3 parts that can be removed and connected knockdown, with a maximum high capacity of 200 cm. By using a stadiometer, measurement is expected to be easier and in accordance with existing measurement needs.

3. Upper Arm Circumference Measuring Tape (LILA)

The tape is a measuring tool to measure the circumference of the upper arm and head circumference of children and adults. This tool is usually made of fiberglass with a maximum length of 150 cm and can be rolled automatically with a special button that can roll the ribbon. Lila tape is important to be used to help measurements better.

4. Anthropometric Bag

Besides those instruments, there is also an anthropometric kit storage bag, used to save and carry the anthropometric kit. This bag contains an anthropometric kit, so it has to be strong and durable.

How to buy those products?

For those of you who need anthropometric products. SOLO ABADI has provided the products with the same qualifications as the needs of the government, which have been adjusted to the Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number 2 of 2019.

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