Analyzing Athlete Anthropometry, Minimizing the Risk of Injury during Sports Competitions

Some time ago, athlete’s body composition was discussed in an article on the role of anthropometry in the field of badminton. Writing by the Solo Abadi editorial team in collaboration with UMS Physiotherapy lecturer Mr. Wijianto, S.Ft.,Ftr., M.Or. Departing from this material, there are interesting facts about how anthropometry plays a role in determining the victory of an athlete.

In sports competitions, of course, there are tactics and strategies for each team that competes to achieve victory. Some perform field calculations and extra practice, anthropometric measurements also play a role in analyzing athlete performance during competition. Through anthropometric measurements carried out by the medical team and the physiotherapist team, not only performance can be monitored, but also the risk of injury can be minimized.

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Hence, what is the definition of anthropometry and how does it take a role in minimizing the risk of injury? Check out the full explanation below!

What Is Anthropometry?

Anthropometry is a science that studies the dimensions of the human body including bone, muscle, adipose or fat tissue, to body mass. In terms, the word anthropometry is adapted from the Ancient Greek ‘anthros’ and ‘metron’ which mean human and also measurement respectively. So it can be concluded that in terms of language, anthropometry is a measurement in humans.

athlete anthropometry

Furthermore, anthropometry according to Pulat (1992) is the measurement of body dimensions and other physical characteristics of the body that are used for the design of something people wear. However, the scope of anthropometry does not only stop at design and the work industry. This knowledge also has influences in the fields of sports, medicine, and the military.

Analysis of the results of athlete anthropometry measurements can be used to develop strategies for fitness and physical health of athletes before competition. As we all know, athletes are people who take advantage of their physical condition every day, so the risk of physical injury cannot be denied. Through anthropometric analysis things like this can be minimized. This is usually consulted with a physiotherapist, to minimize the risk of injury from athletes as well as to evaluate and rehabilitate athletes after injuries.

Dimensions of Athlete Anthropometry Measurements

According to Deputy 3 for Sports Empowerment, Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia, it is stated that there is a target for fostering potential through anthropometry. The target is to collect data on 50,000 students aged 9-12 years who have the physical potential to be trained as athletes in 2022. This target will increase in 2023 to 150,000 and in 2024 to 250,000.

To obtain this data, the government uses anthropometric studies on all elementary and secondary level students. It was also revealed that this anthropometric approach aims to align body posture or shape with the movement tasks to be carried out. So that efficient, comfortable and good movement can be realized.

athlete anthropometry

The Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sport also quoted a statement from an expert in the field of sports, namely Henny Setyawati. Henny is a doctor of sports psychology and physical education at Semarang State University. He explained, “To identify the physical potential of a student to become an athlete, anthropometric measurements are needed,” he said at the Anthropometric Identification Technical Guidance for PJOK Teachers organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Palembang, South Sumatra.

He also emphasized the ideal parameters for each item or anthropometric dimensions, adjusted for each age and gender level. The ages of students who were measured were in the range of 9, 10, 11 and 12 years.

There are 8 items or anthropometric dimensions for which data are needed, including body weight, height, sitting height, leg length, palm length, arm span, span length, and foot length. This body dimension measurement must of course be accurate. As mentioned, accurate anthropometric measurement tools can not only be useful for identifying physical potential but also strategies before competing.

Benefits of Measuring Athlete Body Composition during Sport Competition

The ideal body composition will help support the performance of an athlete. With an ideal and precise body composition according to the sport. According to Rahmawati (1996) in her research, it was stated that many experts argue that a person’s achievement depends on the size, shape, proportion, composition, maturation and function of organs.

athlete anthropometry

Therefore, to improve the performance of each sport, it is necessary to support it with measurements to find out body measurements or anthropometric measurements in athletes. Antopometric measurements are needed to measure the physical condition of an athlete, research on the application of anthropometry in the field of sports including body proportions, performance and biomechanics (NT, 1996)

The Best Anthropometry Measurement Tool for Sports Majors

Metrisis – Anthropometry Chair is an innovative anthropometric measurement instrument that can measure up to 34 dimensions of the human body. This measuring instrument is designed in the form of an adjustable chair to make it easier to measure in a standing, sitting position, as well as measuring facial dimensions.

Metrisis – Portable Anthropometry produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia is an anthropometric measuring instrument derived from an anthropometric chair that is packaged in a portable form, so that the measuring instrument can be moved or carried anywhere easily. Befitting an innovation, portable anthropometry can be used to measure up to 100 dimensions of the human body.

The function of this tool is to carry out anthropometric measurements which are carried out carefully and prioritize data accuracy. This instrument offers measuring capability of up to 100 measurements. Besides that, its portable shape allows this tool to be used unlimited time and can be done anywhere.

Here are the details of the Anthropometry Portable Kit product :

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