Designing Safe Bathrooms For Elderly With Anthropometry

The bathroom is a place to eliminate fatigue after activity and a place to remove dirt on the body. The bathroom is used by everyone, whether children, adults, or elderly people (elderly).

Design a safe bathroom for the elderly.

For people who are elderly (elderly) entering the bathroom, space becomes a vulnerable thing. Because the health condition of the elderly who are not fit becomes the risk of an accident. Decreases in motor movement ability, physical, muscle strength, nervous system, coordination of limb movements, and cardiovascular endurance resulted in the strength of the elderly body inactivity tends to weaken. That way special attention is needed to ergonomic aspects in designing a bathroom that is safe for the elderly. Ergonomic aspects are required one of them through anthropometric measurements. Then, how? Here’s a quick review of this article.

Elderly people slip on the bathroom floor.

Anthropometric Measurements in Designing Bathrooms

Designing a bathroom should pay attention to several ergonomic aspects, one of which is through anthropometry. Anthropometric measurements include aspects of toilet suitability, floor conditions, handrails, bathtubs (height of bathtubs, faucets, and volumes), door handles, and lighting with elderly physiology and anthropometry. The goal is to prevent accidents for the elderly if they enter the bathroom.

Meanwhile, anthropometric data needed are weight, height, shoulder height, elbow height, knuckle height, popliteal height, hand grabbing distance, and handgrip diameter. Weight size becomes a contributing factor to provide an overview of the physiological state of the elderly and as a consideration of the general nutritional status of body composition. The size of the body height affects the position of the hunchback and the movement of bones with the interior design in the bathroom.

Elderly people enter the bathroom assisted by a tool to grip so as not to fall.

The size of the shoulder height and the distance reached the hand becomes a determinant of the width of the work station backrest and determines the manufacture of the bathroom tub. For the height of the bathroom tub and its depth has a percentile size of 50 from the distance of shoulder height and knuckle height. Elbow height measurements are used to determine the height of the faucet ergonomically. The faucet height has a size of 90.09 ± 6,067 cm.

While for handrails also pay attention to the diameter with an average percentile of 5 by looking at aspects of the physical strength of the elderly. If the smaller the diameter of the handgrip, the easier it is to get the strongest grip. The popliteal size of the toilet height used in standard ergonomics has an average size of 42.52 ± 2,609 cm. In addition, the determining factor in the design of the toilet also considers the type of toilet to adjust the condition of the elderly. If the elderly have difficulty squatting and standing after squatting at a certain time, you should use a sitting toilet.

Bathroom Size Is Safe for The Elderly

anthropometric measurements in designing bathrooms that are safe for the elderly.

After knowing the size of anthropometry in the elderly, anthropometric data is needed in designing a safe bathroom in detail. The necessary anthropometric data should include:

  1. Toilet height 42.52 ± 2,609 cm
  2. Bathtub height 68.65 ± 6,492 cm
  3. Faucet height 90.08 ± 6,067 cm
  4. Volume of 1000 ml
  5. Handrail height 80.09 ± 6,067 cm
  6. Handrail diameter 4.6 ± 0.2 cm
  7. Slope of the floor ≥ 4֯

The creation of a safe bathroom for the elderly in avoiding accidents should pay attention to ergonomic aspects and workstations. Then it takes a bathroom design that has a size by the physiological and anthropometric conditions of the elderly.

Available Anthropometric Measuring Tool

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