Using Anthropometry to Predict Ability in Football

Football is the most famous and popular sport in the world. In a soccer game, you don’t know the terms age or gender; from adults, children, men to women can play this sport. Based on Wikipedia, soccer is a sport that is carried out by two teams, each consisting of 11 people and uses the ball as an object to score as many goals as possible.

Football Player (Source: Flickr)

The Development of Football in Indonesia

As the development of the sport of football, federations or soccer organizations began to emerge. The main football organization in Indonesia is the Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Indonesia (PSSI). As an official federation, PSSI held a football game for the first time at the National Sports Week (PON) party in 1948 in the city of Solo.

The Number of Football Academies

Because of the many people’s interest in soccer, the existence of many soccer academies / schools has sprung up. The main goal of many football academies is to give birth to the talent to become a professional player at the age of 18. On the other hand, the existence of a football academy has become a mandatory requirement for the development of the country.

Learning Football from childhood (source: Flickr)

With soccer training in academies or soccer schools, soccer players become aware of important aspects besides learning basic skills. Apart from having to master basic skills in football (such as dribbling, baiting, kicking, seizing and heading the ball), the physical conditions and anthropometrics of the body are also important.

The importance of physical conditions and anthropometry of the body

What can be obtained from the physical condition checking process and the anthropometric measurement of the players is that the trainers and coaches will get a comprehensive data of their students’ information. From the results of these data, the trainers can make the portion of the training as needed. Besides, the trainers can predict the level of basic technical skills of the players based on the results of anthropometric measurements. Based on research conducted by one of Sebelas Maret University students, the higher the height and length of a player’s legs, the more his basic football skills will be predicted to increase.

Soccer Skills (Source: Flickr)

Besides being able to be used to predict football’s basic technical skills, the results of anthropometric measurements can also be a reference in developing the achievements of the players. The following are the basic body structures measured:

  1. Body weight;
  2. Height;
  3. Sitting height;
  4. Shoulder width;
  5. Hip width;
  6. Elbow joint width;
  7. The width of the knee joint; and
  8. Thick skin fat;

Anthropometry Measurement

To fill the need to make all measurements (ranging from height to thick skin fat) quickly and effectively, Solo Abadi offers an anthropometric measuring instrument called the Portable Anthropometry Kit.

Portable Anthropometry Kit

Anthropometry Kit consists of various tools with different functions. Starting from the anthropometer used in vertical body measurements. Then, sliding caliper is used in vertical body measurements with smaller scales such as the length of the palm of the hand, length of the hand and others. And finally, the small spreading caliper used in measuring circular bodies, such as head circumference, chest circumference and so on.

Sliding Caliper
Small Spreading Caliper

The Portable Anthropometry Kit that we produce is made of stainless steel material, so the level of damage to this anthropometric measuring instrument is very small. In addition, the Portable Anthropometry Kit container is specifically designed to maintain its quality.

If you are interested in purchasing our special anthropometric measurement products, you can visit the following link. Or contact us by pressing the whatsapp icon in the lower right corner. Don’t hesitate if you just want to ask for prices or ask for more detailed information about our special products, because we will always serve you kindly.

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