Observing the Role of Anthropometry through the Eyes of Anatomy

Last occasion, we have studied about anthropometric examination in medical science, now is the time to know the specific role of anthropometry in one branch of medical science. Medical science is a science that has quite a number of branches of study, because the focus is on health maintenance which includes prevention, treatment, and management of disease. Of the many branches of study, one of them is anatomy. Anatomy is the study of the structure of the human and animal bodies. Anatomy has a fairly close relationship with anthropometry. So what exactly is the role of Anthropometry in the study of anatomy? Let’s find out together.

Introduction to Anatomy

The term anatomy is derived from the ancient Greek term anatomḗ which means ‘surgery’ and anatémnō which means ‘to cut’. The study is also a branch of biology that studies the body structure of living things. The term anatomy is used to understand deeper the science of the structure of the human and animal bodies, while plant structure is studied in plant anatomy.

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Anatomical disciplines are broadly divided into macroscopic and microscopic anatomy. Macroscopic anatomy, also referred to as gross anatomy. Macroscopic anatomy is the examination of body parts using unaided vision. Macroscopic anatomy also includes superficial anatomy. Meanwhile, microscopic anatomy is the study of structures that cannot be seen with the naked eye without the aid of optical instruments such as a microscope.

Anatomy and Anthropometry

Anthropometry is derived from the words anthropos and metron. Anthropos means body and metron means size. In general, anthropometry means the size of the human body. Anthropometry itself is actually very widely applied, depending on the theoretical understanding of scientists to apply it. This theoretical understanding covers at least the sciences of medicine, health, biology, growth, nutrition, and pathology.

Meanwhile, to know the anthropometry of a person, it is necessary to pay attention to important anatomical points. This is because anthropometric examinations have many functions in health, nutrition, development and growth of a person, so it is important to take measurements properly and with precision, and pay attention to important anatomical points.

Anthropometric Anatomy Examination Function

We have discussed the relationship between anatomy and anthropometry. But what exactly is the function of anatomical and anthropometric examination? The following are the functions of the anthropometric anatomical examination:

  1. As an identification tool to determine male and female in the remaining life (skeletal/bone length)
  2. As a tool for determining nutritional status and growth in neonates (infants aged 0-28 days) and children
  3. As an indicator to assess the growth and maturity of the skeletal and detal in adolescents.
  4. As an indicator of aging in humans who have aged.
  5. As an indicator of ergonomic assessment of tools or instruments in work (technical anthropometry)

The Most Accurate Anthropometric Measuring Tool

The results of anthropometric measurements for orthopedics must be accurate and precise. Therefore, a measuring instrument is needed that supports these accurate results. Here is a selection of the best measuring tools that can be used:

Portable Anthropometry Kit for Medical Schools

Metrisis – Portable anthropometry by Solo Abadi Indonesia is an anthropometric measuring instrument derived from the anthropometric chair which is packaged in a portable form, with the aim that the measuring instrument can be moved or carried anywhere easily. Like an innovation, portable anthropometry can be used to measure up to more than 100 dimensions of the human body.

The function of this tool is to carry out anthropometric measurements that are carried out carefully and prioritize the accuracy of the data. This instrument offers measurement capabilities of up to 100 measurements. In addition, its portable form makes this tool can be used unlimited time and done anywhere.

Anthropometric kits from SOLO ABADI have been sent to various departments in Indonesia. Currently, 8 Portable Anthropometry kits from SOLO ABADI have been used, one of which is the Department of Medicine, Islamic University of Indonesia. The following are the details of the Anthropometry Portable Kit product.

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