Learn About Some Measurement Tips Using the Skinfold Caliper

Have you ever asked about the proper way to measuring the human skinfold using skinfold, that the results can match your needs and the percentage of fat you want to measure? Because not everyone can measure using the caliper skinfold correctly. There are many errors that occur when measuring the skin folds using the skinfold caliper.

But before explaining tips for minimizing measurements using a skinfold caliper, this time we will try to explain about the caliper skinfold. And how the measurement using Skinfold Caliper.

Understanding the Skinfold Caliper

The Skinfold Caliper is a measuring tool used to measure the percentage of human body fat. How can it be like that? By measuring the skin folds using this tool, we can predict what percentage of human body fat is. If we measure at the right point, then the most accurate results can be obtained. Even if it is said, the measurement accuracy with skinfold reaches ± 97%.

How to Measure with The Skinfold Caliper

To take measurements with the skinfold caliper, of course, we have to choose the tool to use. Because basically, the caliper skinfold has various types of shapes and materials. In addition, the accuracy of the calipers depends on the model, make and calibration.

We recommend using the Harpenden skinfold caliper, the tool claimed to be the only caliper that is useful and works most effectively. In addition, this tool can be well calibrated.

Then, how do you measure using the Skinfold Caliper?

  1. Prepare the Skinfold Caliper to be used.
  2. Set which part to measure, triceps, biceps, and so on.
  3. Furthermore, skinfold measurements should be made by taking the folds first with the index finger and thumb and without removing them.
  4. Then, put the caliper at a distance of 1 cm from your finger, remove the dial of the caliper and read the reading.

Tips For Measuring Using a Good Skinfold Caliper

In order to make a suitable skinfold measurement, we need to pay attention to the following things so that the measurement can be carried out accordingly :

1. Make Sure the Measuring Point is Appropriate

For example, if we measure the triceps or biceps, make sure that the point to be measured is appropriate. In addition, there should be no difference at all, even if it is only 1 cm.

2. Perfection is The Main Key

In taking measurements using a caliper, perfection is an important key. At the very least, the measurement can be successful if the meter has definite skills, so that the results should be appropriate.

3. Take Measurements At Least 2 Times

To ensure that the data obtained is as needed. We can do a measurement experiment 2-3 times. The results obtained are then averaged, these results can determine the accuracy of the measurement.

4. Use of The Right Tool to Measure The Thickness of The Skin

And the last, we must be sure that the tools we use are correct. In this case, we have to know the tools we want to use. Usually, for school practice, Slim Guide Skinfold is more popular because of its low price and light material. However, professionals use harpenden calipers because of their high accuracy.

New Caliper Skinfold Measurement Tool from Solo Abadi

Solo Abadi provides a portable use to calculate body fat under the skin. This instrument is accurate, inexpensive and easy to use for measuring body fat composition.

Two Types of Skinfold Caliper Crisis from Solo Abadi, namely :

1. Harpenden Skinfold Caliper

Harpenden Skinfold Caliper is a measuring tool used to calculate the thickness of the skin folds of the human body. This calculation can be used to estimate the percentage of total body fat.

The advantages of Harpenden Skinfold Caliper are :

  • The most precise instrument for measuring fat
  • Meets the standard of accurate measuring instruments
  • The operation of the tool is very easy
  • The scale is clearly visible when measuring
  • Premium raw materials
  • There is a ‘floating tips’ feature complete with calibration
  • There is an Exclusive Carrying Case from Wood
  • Instructions for using the tool are available

2. Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper

Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper is an instrument used to measure the percentage of fat through the skin layers on the body. The material of this skinfold caliper consists of ABS plastic with a comfortable pistol grip-like design. With an economical price, this tool is able to meet the measurement needs needed.

The advantages of the Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper are :

  • The operation of the tool is very easy
  • The scale is clearly visible when taking measurements
  • The raw material for plastic tools so that the tools are lighter
  • Easy to clean tool maintenance
  • An affordable skinfold alternative
  • Instructions for using the tool are available
  • There is a double spring so measurements can be made consistently


If you are interested in getting our products, you can directly contact us via our official WhatsApp and connect directly with our Admin. If you need a consultation beforehand, don’t worry because we will serve you to get the information needed.

Solo Abadi also always strives for our best service, so that our customers get the products they need. Don’t worry, for certain purchases, we have special discounts and discounts this month.

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