Ergonomics, The Important Key to Consumers Choosing Products

At this time, a lot people are developing or creating products that are comfortable to use and make sure that it have a right function. Many products nowday, use the value of the ergonomics as a key or important thing. Because, in addition to providing comfort to consumers, it is important for us, to adds the value and maximizes the function of the products that we sold.

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Like the example of the picture above, we can see a gaming chair p can give different effects to its users because of differences in product and ergonomic level. It can be seen by using more ergonomic products can give a positive effect and increase the effectiveness in working or doing activities in front of the computer. Not only that case, but the application of ergonomics and the use of ergonomic products in various things can also have a positive effect on its users.

Do you know what is ergonomics?

Ergonomic is a discipline that studies people related to work or daily activities. Whereas if viewed from the field of product design, ergonomics is a science that explains the advantages and limitations of humans, in addition to systematically utilizing various information in designing a product.

To make craft products, it requires careful planning. For example, craft clothing products. In the design of clothing craft products required various interactions of science e.g. knowledge of people’s habits (anthropology and history), body size (anthropometry), clothing size (standardization), shape, and jewelry (moral education: ethics, lifestyle), knowledge of materials (physical), manufacturing techniques (engineering), calculation of production costs (accounting), promotion (publication), marketing (marketing), packaging (design), and other sciences.

Ergonomic Elements That Must Be On The Product

Seeing the rapid demand for products that improve and apply ergonomic values. Some of these things are concerns that can be used as a reference to develop a product.

  1. Security, this element is in the form of guarantees for the use of craft products so that users are not threatened by safety and so on.
  2. Flexibility is an element related to flexibility in the use of products.
  3. Comfort is an element of ergonomics related to the sense of comfort that users experience when utilizing products.
  4. Strength is an ergonomic element that has strength in the use of products so that it has durability.
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Choosing an Ergonomic Product

However, how to choose a product with an ergonomic design? First, make sure your needs are met with the device. For example, in a day you have to work for a maximum of 8 hours and have vision problems but you still have to pay attention to the details of the work well. Because of this case, you need a device or product that suitable for your eyes, you may choose a device with a larger screen, because it won’t easily make your eyes tired.

Having a device with an ergonomic design is now very important, especially for workers who have to work in front of the computer for 8 hours every day. We can choose an ergonomically designed monitor so that you can work more productively and efficiently, and of course, it can help our body to reduce body health problems, isn’t it?

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The Advantages of Using Ergonomic Products

  • Increase the effectiveness of work
  • Time efficiency
  • It Provides Comfort when Used for Activities or Work
  • Increase Focus and Concentration
  • Optimization of Human Resources by improving the necessary skills
  • Reduce the risk level of accidents.

Nowadays product design is growing quite rapidly, many companies are starting to see the importance of design. Especially now, the design is increasingly supported by the rapid development of technology, the cheaper and easier to get.

Ergonomics has always played a role in the design of a wide variety of products, both from the smallest and simplest to the most complicated and large. Because without ergonomics, the product will become very rigid, and difficult. The development of ergonomics today no longer addresses physical problems, but becomes deeper towards human psychology, so that someday many products will “blend” with the human body.

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