Choosing Your Study Room Interior with Ergonomics Principle

Pandemic COVID-19 is forcing us to adapt, doing activities from home without making any crowd. As a result there are many industry have to rack their brain so that they still could do activity optimally eventhough they are working from home. Eventually a new culture called #WorkFromHome which means working remotely from anywhere. Not only on industrial field, education also establishing the culture called study from home by utilizing e-learning facility from any platform available. Therefore we need to choose study room interior design by involving ergonomics principle.

Study Room Design Ergonomics
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During the process of studying from home, you will be staring at the laptop or computer’s monitor screen for too long. It is because they need a lot of time studying in their study room or study desk. However, being in sitting position for too long could lead to some serious disease, so to prevent worst case scenario, ergonomics principle and anthropomethry should be involved.

What is Ergonomics Principle and Anthropomethry?

The term anthropomethry was adapted from greek word “anthropos” (man) and “metron” (size). In general, anthropomethry is a study that relates with human body dimension measurement. Anthropomethry itself is a part of ergonomics that speciallu learn about human body size and its application in daily activity.

Term anthropomethry been around since 1987, where Sanders & McCormick (1987) explain that anthropomethry is a body dimension or physical characteristics measurement that relates with design about a product that is utilized in daily activity.

On the other hand, the term ergonomics is adapted from greek word, “ergon” (work) dan “nomos” (rule/principle). In general, ergonomics is a study that learn about character, ability, and human limitations in designing a work system so that people could live and work in a system effectively, safely and comfortably. the term ergonomics itself is commonly used broadly in Europe and United States. In United States people “human factor” (human engineering) instead of ergonomics.

Why Is It Important for Study Room Interior Design to Involve Ergonomics Principle?

The application of anthropomethry have been used since a long time ago to reviewing a product so that the product stay invloving ergonomics principle in design or work system, including in study room interior design. Then why is it important to involve ergonomics principle?

Study room interior that involving anthropomethry science and ergonomics principle is surely having shape that is already customized to a person body posture, people then dividing it into several specific class to make it easy to consumer choosing the product according to their personal needs. Here are the principles that is used to designing study room interior :

  1. Design principles for individuals with extreme size
  2. Customizable body size design principle
  3. The principle of design using the average size calculated by the sample and statistics

What Should be Considered in Choosing Study Room Interior?

Study Room Design Ergonomics
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Human body dimension or anthropomethry in study room interior design is classified to statics and functional anthropomethry. Dimensi tubuh manusia atau antropometri dalam desain interior ruang studi termasuk dalam antropometri statis dan fungsional. This is influenced by several factors that can be taken into consideration in choosing the interior of the study room as needed. Of course the interior needs of a father’s workspace will certainly different from the needs of a daughter’s study room. Why so? the following are influencing factors:

  1. Age, adjusted to a certain age range. This needs to be considered considering that individuals aged 0 to 17 years are actively increasing, while they can experience a decrease in people aged 60 years and over.
  2. Gender, male and female body dimensions also have important differences to note. Men’s bodies tend to have larger body dimensions at the chest and hips.
  3. Duration of use, individuals with a longer duration of use certainly cannot be equated with individuals whose duration of use is only one or two hours. So this needs to be considered in choosing the interior of the study room.
  4. and so on

Anthropomethry Measurement Tool that could Enhance Study Room Interior Design

Body measurement for study room interior should be accurate and precise. Thus, we need a measurement tool that enhances the accurate result. Here are the best measurement tools options that could be used :

1. Anthropometric chair

Anthropometric Chair produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia is an innovation on body dimension measurement in the form of a chair that measures the body in a sitting or standing position so that it is more comfortable and practical without being in need of more tools. It could measure up to 34 body dimensions. Check the tutorial here.

Office Chair Anthropomethry

2. Portable Anthropomethry

Metresis – Portable anthropomethry produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia is a measurement tool derived from anthropomethry chair that packed as a portable tool. As how innovation should be, portable anthropomethry could be use to measure more than 100 human body measurement. Just how chair anthropomethry works, portable anthropomethry could be used in various field such as sport, forensic, industrial technic, product design, academy and military.

Office Chair Anthropomethry

Get anthropomethry measurement tool from Solo Abadi by fill up ‘ask for price’ feature available. You could also contact through our WhatsApp , because we’re ready to contact you as soon as possible.

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