Infantometer Board Solution Safely Measure The Infants

Baby and infantometer board

Monitoring the growth and development of the baby is important thing that is done by parents. From the moment the baby is born, the first monitoring is a measurement of the baby’s body. This serves to assess the status of nutritional improvements.

Body measurements for babies are done using a device called an infantometer board. Measuring the baby’s body using the infantometer board is a safe solution for mothers at home. Why is that? Check out the following explanation.

What is the Infantometer Board?

An infantometer board is a board specially designed and placed on a flat plane that serves to measure the length of the baby’s body. Measurements using this board were carried out on young children younger than two years old.

Measurements of infants with infantometer boards include:

  1. Height measurements
  2. Weight measurement
  3. Measurement of head circumference and arm circumference

Measurement of the height of the baby is important to find out the status of nutritional improvement, whether the child’s nutritionist fulfilled properly or not. In addition, height measurements also describe skeletal growth, which is the growth of the body’s skeleton such as the face and teeth.

While measurements of the baby’s body are useful as an indicator of the baby’s growth optimally. Newborn babies usually have an ideal body weight of 2.6-3.8 kg. However, his weight will increase as he grows. So, from an early age parents must provide proper nutrition and nutrition to support the ideal body weight of children.

Then the next measurement of the baby is to know the size of the head circumference and arm circumference. For measurement of head circumference serves as an indicator of brain development, while arm circumference serves to know the nutritional status of the baby in an emergency.

How to Measure Your Child’s Body Using an Infantometer Board?

Body measurements of infants using an infantometer board can be done easily and can be done anywhere. However, some mothers at home are still confused about how to use the infantometer board for their little ones. Here’s how to use an infantometer board for measurements of your child’s body:

  1. First, prepare the infantometer board that we will use.
  2. Then place the infantometer board on a flat plane such as the floor, mattress, table, and other flat fields.
  3. Then, sleep the baby to be measured onto the infantometer board with the head touching the head topper.
  4. Do not forget to ensure the position of the baby’s body and legs are in a straight state.
  5. Next, start sliding feet slider on the lower part of the body touching on the tip of the baby’s foot.
  6. Finally, the measurement results can be seen on the right side of the infantometer board scale.

Infantometer Board Products from Solo Abadi

To help mothers at home in monitoring measurements of their little ones, Solo Abadi has the latest product, the infantometer board. This product is specifically designed for the comfort and safety of your child when taking body measurements.

Here are the specifications of infantometer board products from Solo Abadi:
Product weight: 200 grams
Tool brand: Metritis
Measurement range: 100-1100 mm
Product material: ABS Plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
Product dimensions: 883 mm x 300 mm x 122 mm

Solo Abadi’s infantometer board also has some of the following advantages:

  1. Consists of 4 measuring boards.
  2. There are foot sliders and head toppers.
  3. Have a clear measurement scale.
  4. The measurement scale is made of laser marking.
  5. There is a clearance feature so that the foot limiter does not touch.
  6. The scale of the reading is clear when shifted.
  7. Simple installation of the infantometer board.
  8. Accurate data when taking measurements.
  9. Made of ABS plastic material.
  10. Product design is designed in great detail.
  11. Equipped with an exclusive bag made of polyester material for infantometer board storage.
  12. Have an AKD certificate.
  13. Equipped with the use of an infantometer board.

If you are interested in having an infantometer production board Solo Abadi, please consult for FREE via WhatsApp at 0851-0088-8111 or directly ASK FOR PRICE. Mommy can also visit our official page Solo Abadi or our social media on Instagram. Get the best deals from us.

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