Infantometer Board, Baby Measurement with V-Shape Design

Moms, have you ever heard that there’s a nutrition-related chronic disease with long-lasting harmful consequences? Yes, it IS known as stunting. This disease is caused by poor nutrition for a long period of time. Sometimes it also happens during maternity. Yet you have to be aware of this but you can only measure it through the measurement instrument called Infantometer Board at the age of 0-2 years old. Let’s get to know SOLO ABADI’s First Infantometer Board!

Solo Abadi’s First Infantometer Board

The Infantometer Board is one of the international standard baby measuring instruments. It is also one of the important instruments in the Stunting Kit to detect stunting. This measurement is important to monitor the development of children based on age to avoid stunting. Measurements can be carried out at the age of 0-2 years. If the baby shows signs of growth retardation, stunting can be immediately recovered by fulfilling nutritional intake for a long period of time.

Why You Should Use Infantometer Board?

The infantometer is the most popular instrument for measuring a child’s height. However, if you look at the market, there are many infantometer providers who do not pay attention to the comfort and safety of the baby. For example, the following infantometer does not adjust to the baby’s body shape or the use of hard acrylic materials.

Solo Abadi Indonesia to the rescue!

Here are a bunch of reasons why do you should use the Infantometer Board :

1. Best and Safe Material in Class

If you take a look, there’s a lot of conventional infantometer boards made from acrylic and wood. Solo Abadi Indonesia presents an infantometer board with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic material. This type of plastic uses organic polymers that have high durability. This type of plastic is also very safe for the baby. The reason is, ABS plastic is used in baby toy products to train their motor skills. In addition, ABS plastic is also safe for food products. So, you don’t need to hesitate anymore!

2. V-Shape Design Suitable for Your Baby

Unlike other conventional infantometer that have flat surfaces to place the baby. This method will also be lead to precise measurement. But the flat surface might be uncomfortable for the baby. Solo Abadi Indonesia presents an innovative solution for baby measurement, called V-Design that will not only make the baby super comfortable but also will lead to the higher precise measurement.

3. Precision Measurement with Laser Marking Measurement Scale

We pay attention to details! The measurement scale on the Infantometer Board is made using a laser marking technique. Laser marking is the marking or labeling of materials using laser light. This will not only make the measurement scale very clear but also last a long time. In addition, there is a pointer to determine the length of the baby’s body.

4. Portable and Affordable Instrument!

Unlike other infantometers, Solo Abadi Indonesia’s Infantometer Board does not take up space because it comes with a very unique design!

The Infantometer Board has 3 main parts, each of which can be removed and rearranged like a ‘puzzle’. In addition to the 3 main parts, there is still a ‘head stopper’ to place the baby’s head to keep restraint and a ‘foot slider’ to place the foot and it can be adjusted according to the length of the baby. This allows the Infantometer Board to be stored and saves space.

Infantometer Board will not only save up place but also SAVE UP YOUR BUDGET!

If you take a look around, it will cost you 5 million rupiahs only for conventional and outdated infantometer. Trust us, in Solo Abadi Indonesia you will get the best price!

5. Exclusive Bag

Due to the unique design of the Infantometer Board, we provide a storage bag that does more than just function as a storage area. However, it can also facilitate an easy mobilization, especially for health workers who are currently at the forefront of the government in fighting stunting during pandemic. In addition, this storage bag can simplify the purchasing process and bring the Infantometer Board safely delivered to you.

Get the World First Infantometer Board!

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