Skinny People That Have No Fat, Maybe This Condition is Skinny Fat

Having great and ideal body is everyone’s dream. Not infrequently people do body care from head to toe to get a good appearance. Although the costs incurred are very expensive. In this article, we will be explaining skinny fat. The shape of the human body is divided into two types, namely fat and thin. Obese people are always identified with having a lot of fat, while thin people are identified with less fat. Every human body has fat, both fat and thin people.

skinny fat on thin people's bodies
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Never, you think that skinny people don’t have fat. Even though the fat in the body of thin people is called skinny fat. Skinny fat is a person who has a normal weight condition but has a high-fat content. Why is that? Check out this short article review.

Get to Know Skinny Fat

skinny fat, fat that occurs in thin people. Know the cause until how to overcome it.
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Skinny fat is a condition of someone who has a normal weight but has high-fat levels. This condition can be called normal weight obesity, which is a condition that has a risk of disease similar to obesity in general.

Skinny fat conditions can be included in obesity that shows a thin and fat body simultaneously. Skinny fat normal has a body mass index that is between 18-25 kg. The skinny fat index can be diagnosed by the MRI examination method.

Causes, Dangers, and How to Overcome Skinny Fat in the Body

causes of skinny fat in the body of thin people
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Skinny fat on the body can be caused by several factors, including:

1. Consumption of unhealthy foods

Food becomes the main factor in determining a healthy body or not. If the food that enters the body is unhealthy and excessive will affect the increase in body fat levels. For example, foods that are high in carbohydrates or soft drinks that contain high fat. If these foods we often consume will interfere with the body’s metabolism, especially the buildup of skinny fat in the body of thin people.

2. Doing the wrong sport

In addition to eating unhealthy foods, another factor that causes skinny fat is doing the wrong exercise. Regular exercise in losing weight is good to do. But if wrong in doing this type of exercise will result in inhibition of burning belly fat. Thus, a type of exercise is needed that combines cardio exercise with weight lifting. The goal is to burn calories or body fat. Because normal weight obesity occurs too much fat with a small amount of muscle.

3. Habits of doing a diet program

Too often doing a diet program to lose weight will affect the way the body stores fat. This is because the body that goes on a diet will experience fat loss from the top to the bottom. In addition, belly fat is the last type of fat burning when dieting.

The problem with skinny fat cannot be considered a common problem. If this fat is left alone will cause health problems, such as:

  1. Diabetes
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Heart disease
  4. Abnormal cholesterol
  5. Metabolic syndrome

But take it easy, skinny fat on the condition of the body of thin people can be overcome in the following ways:

  1. Undergo a balanced diet by multiplying vegetables, fruit, protein, carbohydrates, and avoiding foods that are high in fat.
  2. Choose the appropriate exercise to reduce errors in burning calories in the body. For example, cycling, jogging or running.
  3. Living a healthy lifestyle, such as a diet and adequate rest.
  4. Do an examination with the doctor if you feel anxious about body fat levels.

Measure Skinny Fat With Skinfold Caliper Solo Abadi

After knowing about skinny fat, ranging from the cause to how to overcome it, of course, you want to measure the levels of skinny fat in your body. To that end, we from Solo Abadi provide a tool to measure body fat, namely Skinfold Caliper.

Skinfold Caliper is an instrument used to measure skin thickness to determine the level of fat in the body. The use of this tool is clamping on certain body parts such as the chest, subscapular, midaksilaris, supraciliac, abdomen, biceps, triceps, thighs, and calves.

Solo Abadi is the largest manufacturer of measuring instruments in Indonesia, one of which is the Skinfold Caliper measuring instrument. The company produces Skinfolds Caliper in two types is Harpenden Skinfold Caliper and Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper.

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