Solo Abadi Holds Stunting Talk with Dr. Fatimah Hidayati, Sp. A CIMI Discusses “Active Children Are Not Necessarily Stunting-Free!”

Surakarta, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia — Thursday (16/6/2022) PT Solo Abadi Indonesia had the opportunity to hold another talk show about stunting with the theme “Active Children Are Not Necessarily Stunting-Free”. This event also presented health experts, namely pediatricians, Dr. Fatimah Hidayati, Sp. A CIMI was broadcast live via Instagram Live on the @stuntingkit and @dr.fatimahhidayati accounts.

Live Streaming Stunting Talk With Dr. Fatimah (below)

The event, hosted by Solo Abadi Journalist, Aisyah Yuri Oktavania, lasted for an hour starting at 12.00-13.00 WIB. This event was also enlivened by participants who took part in this Instagram live, and many asked questions to Dr. Fatimah, especially mothers who already have children.

Dr. Fathimah himself is a pediatrician at RSUP Fatmawati, Jakarta. She is also a health influencer on Instagram with a large following.

When Do Children Experience Growth Faltering?

Dr. Fatimah explained that children’s growth can be monitored at a growth rate. For the normal range of growth starts from the percentile of 3-97 cm. Or ideally experience an increase every first 3 months, which is 7.5 – 900 gr. However, if the growth increase is less than the 25 cm percentile, it means that the child experiences a slowdown in growth.

Stunting Talk With Dr. Fatimah Hidayati, Sp. A

“On the growth failure city curve, the speed of weight growth for babies should ideally increase by 7.5 – 900 gr in a month. If it is indeed the increase for a baby boy if it is less than 490 grams, it means that it is not good. If the increase of 600 grams is normal, but it is the lower range and we need to be aware of it, ” said Dr. Fatimah.

“As for height, there is a range in the growth failure city curve itself. For babies 0-3 months up 7.5-900 gr. A 6-month-old baby will rise by 600 gr. Babies of 6-9 months rise less than 450 grams. Babies of 9-12 months gain 250 gr per month. For babies over 1-year-old will increase by approximately 1.5-2.5 kg in a year. The harvest is done for 3 months for babies over 1 year old,” he added.

If the child’s growth rate is below the ideal range, it is called growth loss or growth faltering. If growth faltering is not overcome immediately, it will be at risk of stunting or short stature due to chronic nutritional deficiencies.

Factors Causing Stunting

Dr. Fatimah revealed that stunting or short stature is a lot of factors that cause it. To find out the risk of stunting, can be seen through height curves based on age and gender.

“If the child’s height is short below minus 2 cm, the deviation can be known through curve lines with green, yellow, and red colors. If it is under yellow with the number minus 2, we say short stature. If it is below minus 3, it means it is very short,” said Dr. Fatimah.

Dr. Fatimah Hidayati explained about the causes of stunting

The causes of stunting are many factors. Previously it can be seen through the proportions of the body. There is a normal or Constitutional Delay of Growth and Puberty (CDGP) at a small time indeed short stature, but at the time of puberty it is immediately high. This could also be a factor in the parent’s history. But there are also certain genetic disorders or syndroms as a result of malnutrition or malnutrition.

Dr. Fatimah also explained what are the factors that cause stunting. First, the lack of nutrients during the first 1000 days of life (HPK) during pregnancy. If the mother lacks iron and folic acid, it will result in her child also being malnourished to become stunted. Secondly, the lack of exclusive breastfeeding for up to 6 months. Third, the provision of complementary food is not appropriate. Fourth, the absorption of nutrients that are hampered or there are infectious problems such as allergies, tuberculosis, urinary tract, worms, and others. This is related to a healthy lifestyle. To prevent infection should be carried out immunization and vaccination.

Prevent Stunting In The First 1000 Days Of Life!

Dr. Fatimah also explained that we can pursue this stunting or we can improve it at the age of 2 years, with improvement and providing proper nutrition. But after 2 years we do not intervene in this stunting, it will be persistent and difficult to prevent. Before that happens, we must prevent stunting as early as possible.

“Don’t worry for moms, we know the growth and development of their children by measuring and monitoring their growth. We must properly measure and monitor weight, height, and head circumference. This affects future growth,” concluded Dr. Fatimah at the end of the event.

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