Solo Abadi Sends 17 Anthropometric Kit Packages to Yogyakarta City Health Office

Surakarta, PT SOLO ABADI INDONESIA — PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is the largest manufacturer and provider of anthropometric kit measuring instruments in Indonesia that have been certified by TKDN and AKD. On this occasion, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia was trusted by the Yogyakarta City Health Office for the provision of anthropometric kits.

The anthropometric package of this kit contains a height meter (stadiometer), an infant body length meter (infantometer board), an upper arm and head circumference tape (LILA), and an anthropometric bag kit. Later this anthropometry kit package will be distributed to various puskesmas in the Yogyakarta city area in handling stunting.

Anthropometric Package Delivery Process to Yogyakarta City Health Office

On Monday (18/7/2022), a total of 17 packages were sent directly by a team from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia, namely Sigit Dwi Prasetyo and Muhammad Taufan who drove from the city of Surakarta to the city of Yogyakarta. Before delivery, the team from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia checked all the completeness and safety of the package. Starting from the contents of the package and also packaging or packaging. The goal is that this anthropometric kit package arrives in the hands of customers in a strong, safe and complete state.

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia would like to thank the Yogyakarta City Health Office for entrusting the provision of anthropometric kit packages to deal with stunting. We also hope that in the future this anthropometric kit package can be used and delivered throughout Indonesia.

Official Video of Solo Abadi Kit Anthropometric Package Delivery to Yogyakarta City Health Office

About PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is the largest manufacturer of anthropometric measuring instruments in Indonesia. Presented by the country’s best talents in the process of development to production, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia has obtained a domestic medical device distribution permit (AKD) and has a Domestic Component Level (TKDN) certificate with a value of more than 40%. PT Solo Abadi Indonesia has also been trusted by the Ministry of Health in the Anthropometry Pilot Project by distributing Portable Stadiometers to 14 districts in Indonesia.

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