Represent Local Industry Potential, Solo Abadi Introduce Anthropometry Instrument in G20 Surakarta

Surakarta, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia – For the first time, Indonesia holds the presidency of the Group of Twenty (G20), the world’s largest economic forum. Indonesia’s participation in the G20 is a form of recognition that Indonesia is an economic power with a global impact. One of the G20 agendas, Trade, Investment and Industry Working Group (TIIWG) events was held in Solo City. The city of Solo was chosen to welcome the delegation of 20 countries with the world’s largest economies because they have strong regional industrial potential.

In the event entitled ‘The Exhibition of Regional National Potential Entrepreneurs’ which took place at Surakarta City Hall on June 7, 2022, the City of Solo showcased dozens of Solo City entrepreneurs whose products have been recognized both on a national and international scale. PT Solo Abadi Indonesia, is one of the regional entrepreneurs selected to introduce their superior products to 51 delegates from 20 G20 member countries and residents of the surrounding Solo City. Solo Abadi took this opportunity well to introduce the existence of Solo Abadi as the only producer of Anthropometry in the City of Solo, even the only producer of Anthropometric Chairs in the world.

Delegation of the United Arab Emirates when visiting tenants PT Solo Abadi Indonesia at Surakarta City Hall during the G20 event in Solo (07/07/2022)

In this occasion, Solo Abadi introduced Portable Anthropometry, one of the Anthropometric instruments that has been used in various world industries such as the aviation industry, AERO Vodochody, the space security industry such as AXIOM SPACE and military institutions, The Department of National Defense of Canada. The presence of international delegates is well utilized to approach and is a form of Solo Abadi’s effort to expand the world market. Various good responses were received from various countries.

“I heard about it once and it’s very important instrument, let me take this card and just wait for my email”

Delegasi Uni Emirates Arab
Visitors are enthusiastic to try the PT Solo Abadi Indonesia Portable Stadiometer (07/07/2022)

Besides introducing Portable Anthropometry, Solo Abadi also introduced Anthropometry Kit, a package of instrument for stunting prevention. Various instruments on display are the Infantometer Board, Portable Stadiometer, LiLA, and Digital Weight Scales. Free Measurement is one of Solo Abadi’s strategies to attract visitors. Both adults and children are enthusiastic about measuring weight and height using the Portable Stadiometer instrument and digital weight scale. The Anthropometry Kit also attracted the attention of the Surakarta City Health Office and the Mayor of Surakarta, Mr. Gibran Rakabuming Raka when visiting the tenants of Solo Abadi.

The Mayor of Solo, Mr. Gibran Rakabuming Raka visited the tenants of Solo Abadi and asked some questions regarding the Anthropometry Kit

“Make sure it is certified with Manufactured Local Content Level (TKDN) minimum 60%, also make sure to upload it on E-Catalogue”

Gibran Rakabuming Raka, The Mayor of Surakarta

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia, hopes that in the future it can continue to be involved in various regional entrepreneurs’ potential titles and continue to contribute to Indonesia’s economic development and bring the good name of the City of Solo nationally and internationally.

About PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is the largest manufacturer of anthropometric measuring instruments in Indonesia. Presented by the country’s best talents in the process of development to production, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia has obtained a domestic medical device distribution permit (AKD) and has a Domestic Component Level (TKDN) certificate with a value of more than 40%. PT Solo Abadi Indonesia has also been trusted by the Ministry of Health in the Anthropometry Pilot Project by distributing Portable Stadiometers to 14 districts in Indonesia.

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