Golden Age Is Suboptimal Can Stunting, Cool Discussion with Dr. Vicka Farah Diba

Surakarta, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia — PT Solo Abadi Indonesia again held one of the segments that are eagerly awaited by mothers at home. The segment, which is packaged in a casual discussion, is a segment titled Instagram Live With Doctors. This segment is present every month on the Stunting Kit Instagram channel, one of the brand channels under the auspices of PT Solo Abadi Indonesia.

In this discussion with doctors, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia had the opportunity to invite Dr. Vicka Farah Diba, M.Sc., Sp.A. pediatrician from JIH Jogjakarta Hospital. In addition to working as a doctor, Doctor Vicka is also active as an author of books on child growth and health which have been widely published by several book publishers. In addition, he is also active as a content creator on Instagram with a @vickafarahdiba account.

Gambar ini memiliki atribut alt yang kosong; nama filenya adalah diskusi-asik-tentang-golden-age-bareng-dr-vicka-585x1024.jpeg
Instagram Live Documentation with Dr. Vicka Farah Diba, M.Sc., Sp.A on Tuesday (17/1/2023)

This Instagram Live segment with doctors is the fourth time it has been held. On Tuesday (17/1/2023) this time Instagram Live with Doctor Vicka raised the theme of the discussion on the Golden Age (Golden Age of Children) Crucial Growth Period. Starting at 19.00 WIB, the Instagram Live with Doctors was watched by approximately 80 Stunting Kit netizens.

The Golden Age and Stunting Relationship

The Golden Age or what is often called the golden age is the period during which the child’s brain and physique develop that occurs in the First 1000 Days of Life or the age of 0-2 years to the age of children. Dr. Vicka said that the golden age occurs in the womb, which is when the mother is pregnant with the baby. At this time it is important to maintain and still pay attention to the provision of strong nutrition, breast milk, and complementary food. Because during this golden age, the child’s brain develops up to 80 percent and will continue to grow until he grows up.

“If in the golden age or the first 1000 days of life, the nutrition is not fulfilled and fulfilled properly, it will have an impact on what is called stunting or the condition of children of short stature. This stunting can have far-reaching and long-term impacts. This stunting can also be known by measuring the right nutritional status and also providing nutrition,” said Dr. Vicka at the time.

“Nutrition provision begins with breast milk, namely at the age of 0-6 months. After that it is accompanied by the provision of appropriate and adequate complementary food up to the age of 2 years. After that, children start to be introduced to foods such as vegetables and fruits,” she added.

Gambar ini memiliki atribut alt yang kosong; nama filenya adalah ngobrolin-golden-age-dan-stunting-bareng-dr-vicka-556x1024.jpeg
Discussion Session with Doctor Vicka on Tuesday (17/1/2023)

The development of children during this golden age is very important for parents to pay attention to. The reason is that the child is going through a significant phase of development. Starting from his motor stage, his language, and his behavior. For this reason, parents need to teach and model appropriate behavior for their children.

If this golden age period is less than optimal, it can cause stunting. However, if stunting has occurred at the age of 0-2 years. It can still be improved by paying attention to and fulfilling nutrition and don’t forget to always monitor the growth and development of children through measurements of children’s weight and height.

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Stunting during the Golden Age

Dr. Vicka provides steps and ways for parents to optimize the golden period so that children avoid the dangers of stunting. Here are the tips and tricks:

  1. Monitoring the growth of children starting from the time of pregnancy
  2. Proper breastfeeding at the age of 0-6 months
  3. Proper and adequate provision of complementary food
  4. Frequently monitor the child’s growth through weight and height measurements
  5. Consult a pediatrician

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