National Reasearch and Innovation Agency Utilize Anthropometry Portable in Ergonomic Workshop With UAJ

Surakarta, PT. Solo Abadi Indonesia – The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) strengthens the synergy with the National Standardization Agency (BSN) in forming a reference on the level of comfort or ergonomics on tables and chairs in educational institutions. Based on a study conducted by BSN, it is stated that the size of the tables and chairs used in various educational institutions in Indonesia is not suitable for the majority of students.

The reason is that the study of Anthropometry in Indonesia is something that has not become a priority, nor has it been widely studied, especially among BRIN. Therefore, BRIN cooperates with the Industrial Engineering Study Program of Atma Jaya University in conducting a Workshop on Techniques and Anthropometric Measurement Procedures for BRIN Researchers which was held at the Ergonomics and Work System Laboratory of Atma Jaya University on Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

Present in this workshop, among others, Yanto, ST. MSc. PhD as facilitator and speaker — also serves as head of the Engineering Faculty of Atma Jaya University, Dr.Ir. Wibawa Prasetya., MM as the Chair of the Committee who also serves as Secretary of the Industrial Engineering Study Program Atma Jaya Unika, Nur Tjahyo Eka Darmayanti, MSi who is the Head of the BRIN Standards and Testing Technology Research Center, representatives of Government agencies, researchers and lecturers from a number of universities in Jabodetabek.

“One of the basic information that must be used in product design used by users is that the dimensions of the product must match the dimensions of the users. Therefore, information about the dimensions of the user’s body, in this case anthropometry, becomes important for designers,”

Stated Mr. Yanto

Labs. Ergonomics and Work Systems belonging to the Atma Jaya University Industrial Engineering Study Program are predicted to be the most complete Ergonomics Laboratory in Indonesia. The reason is, not only having thousands of Indonesian anthropometric samples, UAJ Industrial Engineering also has complete anthropometric measuring instruments, one of which is the Anthropometry Portable Complete Set Series. In the workshop, not only receiving training related to the procedures for using anthropometric measuring instruments, the researchers also formed anthropometric modules to then be used as references in training activities with related topics.

It is hoped that by bringing research on Anthropometry closer, it can form a new standard for SNI related to educational support facilities so that it will increase the level of comfort for its users.

About Solo Abadi Indonesia

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is the largest manufacturer of anthropometric measuring instruments in Indonesia. Presented by the country’s best talents in the process of development to production, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia has obtained a domestic medical device distribution permit (AKD) and has a Domestic Component Level (TKDN) certificate with a value of more than 40%. PT Solo Abadi Indonesia has also been trusted by the Ministry of Health in the Anthropometry Pilot Project by distributing Portable Stadiometers to 14 districts in Indonesia.

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