DPMPTSP Surakarta City Holds Bimtek, Solo Abadi Do This!

Surakarta, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia — In addition to being active in the world of education, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is also active in business development activities organized by ministries/institutions/regional offices of regencies/cities. This time, Wednesday (21/9/2022) PT Solo Abadi Indonesia also attended the Technical Guidance or Socialization of the Implementation of DAK Risk-Based Business Licensing Supervision in 2022. This activity was organized by the Investment and One-Stop Integrated Service Office (DPMPTSP) of Surakarta City in the Seminar Room on the 3rd Floor of the Sahid Jaya Hotel, Surakarta City.

This socialization activity was attended by 70 MSME and Non-MSME business actors in Surakarta City. The socialization event was opened directly by the Regional Secretary of Surakarta City, Ir. Ahyani, M.A at 09.00 WIB. He mentioned that this socialization activity is a business development facility in Surakarta City, which is approximately 900 business actors who are included in the government’s sectoral E-Catalog page. For this reason, he said that business actors in Surakarta City if there are administrative obstacles around licensing can try to consult with the Surakarta City DPMPTSP.

Gambar ini memiliki atribut alt yang kosong; nama filenya adalah Solo-Abadi-Ikuti-BIMTEK-DPMPTSP-2-1024x768.jpg
The atmosphere of Bimtek activities by DPMPTSP Surakarta City at Sahid Jaya Surakarta Hotel, Wednesday (22/09/2022)

The Head of DPMPTSP Surakarta City, Dra. Andriyani Sasanti, M.M the organizer of the activity also said that activities like this are a forum for business actors in managing business administration.

Through the RINGKES application made by the Surakarta City Government, it makes it easier for business actors to reprimand business licenses. This activity is a forum for consultation on business licensing regulations through a one-stop application based on the RBA OSS which can be monitored directly by the Ministry of Investment / BKPM. This is done given the importance of legality and administration in doing business,” he said while reading the implementation report.

This activity lasted until the afternoon which was divided into two speaker sessions and a discussion panel. This speaker was not only from the DPMPTSP, but was also attended by the Head of the Surakarta City Goods and Services Procurement Section, the Surakarta City Government, the Surakarta City Public Works and Spatial Planning Office (DPUPR), and the Surakarta City Environmental Agency (DLH).

This activity was very welcomed by business actors, as seen during the discussion session many business actors asked questions about the business licensing process based on the RBA OSS. PT Solo Abadi Indonesia sent its representatives to participate in this activity represented by Aisyah Umi Khalsum, as a journalist and marketing team.

About PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is a company located in Surakarta, Central Java. Engaged in manufacturing and is the largest producer of portable stadiometerinfantometer boardanthropometric chair and stunting kit in Indonesia, which was established in 2005. Solo Abadi products can be applied in various fields of science such as health, anthropology, forensics, industrial engineering, product design, academia, to the military. We hope that we can continue to contribute to advancing the domestic industry by offering certified and licensed products for distribution.

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