Contribution to Education, Solo Abadi Collaboration with St. Catholic Vocational School. Mikael Through the Prakerin Program

Surakarta, PT SOLO ABADI INDONESIA – Solo Abadi once again contributing to the world of education. This time Solo Abadi participated in the St. Michael. On Monday (11/07/2022) we attended the “Technical Field Work Practice (PKL/Prakerin)” socialization held by St Mikael Catholic Vocational School, Surakarta. The socialization was carried out in Xaverius B.6 Classroom.

The Realization of the 8+I Policy from the Ministry of Education and Culture

The event started at 10.20 WIB, opened with remarks by Drs. Stepanus Maryata, M.Pd as the Principal. He said that the Industrial Work Practice or PRAKERIN that was launched was one of the realizations of the 8+I policy from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The policy calls for a “Link and Match” between vocational education and industry.

solo abadi smk mikael
Mr. Margono (left) as the Master of Ceremony guides the “Technical Field Work Practice (PKL/Prakerin) event at St Mikael Catholic Vocational School on Monday (11/07/2022)

“One of the follow ups from the collaboration is PKL or Prakerin, the hope is that students will be able to gain experience working in industry, adaptability in industry and entrepreneurship,” explained the principal of the St. Catholic Vocational School. Mikael

Furthermore, Mr. Fendy Wijarwanto, SE, M.Pd as the chairman of the committee conveyed technical instructions for the program which will be held until the end of this year. It is the school’s hope that the PRAKERIN program can take place optimally, so that it will be beneficial not only for schools but also for related industries. He said that the duration of PRACTICE was one month for one group.

“In this 1 month our students fully become ’employees’ in your company…hopefully students can also contribute to the industry and get soft skills while working in the industry,” he said

Prakerin in Solo Abadi

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia itself is one of a number of companies involved in this program. As many as 12 students will be sent to carry out PRAKERIN in Solo Abadi until the end of 2022. Other companies that take part in this program include PT ATMI IGI, PT ATMI MDC, PT. ATMI WF, UP SMK, PT King Manufaktur, Padmanunggal, Hilano, PT. GATRACO, and CV. Kurnia Teknik.

We are grateful to be given the opportunity to contribute to the world of education, especially vocational education in Indonesia. As a private sector we hope to be able to contribute to more projects with educational goals.

Check out information about Solo Abadi Prakerin here

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Journalist : Aisyah Yuri Oktavania

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