MetrisisApp is the Latest Breakthrough in Digital-Based Stunting Data Collection!

In 2023 standardization of anthropometric kit tools instructed by the Ministry of Health must be digital or application-based. For this reason, MetrisisApp comes as an innovation in anthropometric measurements that are directly connected to applications via Bluetooth.

This application was designed and created by PT Solo Abadi Indonesia which makes it easier for posyandu cadres to collect stunting data. The results of the data from the stunting data collection through this application. Will automatically be connected to the ePPGBM application from the Ministry of Health.

Then, what are the anthropometric measurements connected to the MetrisisApp application? Let’s find out together!

Digital Anthropometric Metrisis Kit from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

MetrisisApp can perform measurable child anthropometric measurements including:

1. Weight gain of children over the age of 2 years

MetrisisApp can detect weight measurements of children over 2 years old that are connected to anthropometric tools, namely adult scales or weight scales. Adult scales are one of the instruments in anthropometry used in measuring children’s weight.

Digital Bluetooth Weight Scale Metrisis from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

Currently, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is developing measurements with adult weight scales that are directly connected via Bluetooth with the MetrisisApp application connected to a smartphone. The measurement results of these scales can be seen directly on the phone screen. This measuring instrument is also equipped with mother and child features.

2. Weight loss of children aged 0-2 years

Not only for weight measurements for ages 2 years and over, but PT Solo Abadi Indonesia also developed weight measurements for ages 0-2 years that will be directly connected to the MetrisisApp application. Digital baby scales are one of the instruments in anthropometry kits used to measure children’s weight.

Bluetooth Digital Baby Weight Scale Metrisis from Solo Abadi

Easy Ways to Use MetrisisApp for Measurement

MetrisisApp application is an application used to see the results of children’s measurements which include height, weight, and upper arm and head circumference (LILA). This MetrisisApp application was developed and developed by PT Solo Abadi Indonesia based on digital Bluetooth. How to use it is very easy, which is as follows:

MetrisisApp View
  1. The first step, create an account or register on the MetrisisApp application
  2. Next, enter the baby or child data to be measured including name, NIK, date of birth, and others.
  3. After filling in the data, select the measurement to be taken, namely the measurement of the child or mother and child.
  4. Then, enter the name of the child to be measured using the measuring instrument from Metrisis.
  5. Then the application will automatically connect to detect the measuring instrument used.
  6. Next, place the child to be measured on the measuring instrument.
  7. So, the measurement results can be directly detected by measurement.
  8. Then, fill in other necessary data such as height measurements and arm circumference.
  9. Next, save the measurement result data.
  10. You can also download the data from your child’s measurements directly with the MetrisisApp app.

Anthropometric Metrisis Bluetooth Digital Kit from SOLO ABADI

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is a manufacturer of Bluetooth digital-based anthropometric kits measuring instruments. The measuring instruments that have been digitally Bluetooth from Solo Abadi are the Baby Weight Scale and the Weight Scale (Adult Scales for Mothers and Children). This measuring instrument has been calibrated and has a TKDN certificate.

Digital Anthropometric Metrisis Kit from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

If you are interested in the Metrisis Anthropometry Kit that is connected to the MetrisisApp application, just contact our WhatsApp via admin. You can also go directly to the E-Catalog to see the detailed specifications of the tool. Get the latest information from us only at

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