Learn To Know The Amount Of Fat In The Body With The Skinfold Caliper

Hearing the word ‘fat’ of course, we refer to the shape of the human body, where fat usually causes weight gain or even overweight. Fat is one of the components that are arranged in the body and contributes value to weight. Fat consist of two types: essential fat and nonsensitive fat.

Essential fats are fats needed in the body that serve to maintain body temperature, absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K, as a pedestal in organs and tissues, maintain healthy skin and hair, and others. The amount of essential fat in performing its function in the body is about 3-12% of the total calories needed. Meanwhile, nonsensitive fat is the amount of fat that is excess and is not needed in the body anymore.

woman measuring belly fat with a caliper, closeup

According to the American Council, the total normal fat in the body is categorized in athletes, people who exercise frequently, and people who rarely exercise but have normal and healthy fat levels. Here are the details of the total normal fat in the body.

  1. Female athletes have normal fat of 14-20% while male athletes have normal fat of 6-13%.
  2. People who often exercise are not athletes in women have fat levels of 21-24% while in men 14-17%.
  3. People who rarely exercise but have normal and healthy fats in women 25-31% while in men 18-25%.
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While for people who are obese or gain excess weight has a fat Cada for women reached 32% and men reached 26%. This group is susceptible to experiencing diseases such as heart attack, coronary heart, stroke, diabetes mellitus, and other diseases.

Furthermore, to find out the fat in the body can be known through a fat detection device or can be checked yourself at home. But to be more accurate, fat detection using tools is indispensable. This tool is called a skinfold. Then, when do we know the fat in the body using skinfold? Here’s the review.

Getting to Know Skinfold Caliper, Skin Thickness Gauge In Fat Layer

Caliper skinfold is a measurement method to determine the subcutaneous fat layer of the body or the layer of fat under the skin. This tool is shaped like a clamp, were at the bottom where the clamping there are numbers to measure fat on the skin folds. This tool is usually measured on the body of the upper arm, back, lower abdomen, thighs, and calves. Caliper skinfold serves to measure the folds of the human body in monitoring body fat, obesity, and dietary program setting plans.

A skin fold/body fat caliper over a bathroom tile floor and scale.

How to Measure Fat With Caliper Skinfold

  1. Determine the location of the body to be measured using a caliper skinfold, then use your thumb or left hand to pinch the location of the skin with enough width to get a good crease.
  2. Pull the skin folds and the layer of fat underneath with the left hand away from the body.
  3. Pull the skin folds of the skin using the left hand, place the mouth caliper about 1/4 inch from the fingers of the left hand.
  4. Then, remove the caliper trigger until all the strength of the mouth is in the folds of the skin.
  5. Next, without releasing the left hand let the caliper force slowly for a few seconds to get the reading correct.
  6. Finally, write down the readings and continue the examination at other body location.

A good leak rate measurement is to use a caliper skinfold. It is also recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine when taking body fat measurements using caliper skinfolds accurately up to 98%.

Sell Quality Caliper Skinfold

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is the largest manufacturer of anthropometric tools and medical devices in Indonesia has a brand called Metrisis Skinfold Caliper. Caliper skinfold offered by this manufacturer consists of 2 types that can be used, namely harpenden skinfold caliper and slim guide skinfold caliper. Each of these skinfolds has undoubted advantages and qualities in terms of fat measurement.

1. Harpenden Skinfold Caliper

Skinfold caliper this type makes it easy to calculate the thickness of the skin folds of the human body. Harpenden skinfold caliper advantages include:

  1. Precision when taking fat measurements
  2. Very accurate fat gauge
  3. Easy tools to operate
  4. Scales that appear when fat measurements are visible
  5. Made from premium raw materials
  6. Has floating tips in full with calibration
  7. Exclusive carrying case made of wood
  8. Equipped with how to use the tool

2. Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper

This type of skinfold is a tool used to measure fat levels on the bottom of the skin. The advantages of slim guide skinfold caliper are as follows:

  1. Scales that appear when fat measurements are visible
  2. Easy to operate tools
  3. Double springs are available that facilitate consistent measurement
  4. Easy tools to clean
  5. Tools made of lightweight ABS plastic material
  6. Equipped with how to use
  7. Priced

If you are looking for this skinfold caliper fat measurement tool please feel free to contact us at WhatsApp 0851-0088-8111. You can also directly ASK FOR PRICE to order our products Harpenden Skinfold Caliper and Slim Guide Caliper. Don’t forget to visit our social media on Instagram and Facebook. For more information, you can visit our official website at Solo Abadi Indonesia.

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