Forensic Anthropometry Identification in Criminal Case

Anthropometry Forensic has played an important role in solving crime. Identification is a crucial phase to determine the clarity of a person’s biological identity. Not only for victims but also for perpetrators of violence. These are the the purpose of forensic anthropometry identification in criminal case.

Get to Know the Comparative and Reconstruction Anthropometry Identification

Forensic identification is an effort made by Forensic Anthropometry experts to assist investigators in determining the identity of a person who is personally owned. It is widely applied in the identification of bodies that are not known, have decomposed, damaged or in riots that resulted in large numbers of deaths.

Forensic identification itself is divided into reconstructive and comparative identification. Reconstructive identification requires postmortem data, such as gender, age, race, height and body shape specifications and then pours it into various estimates. Meanwhile, comparative identification is done by comparing the data of people who fit the criteria. This estimate can narrow the direction of the investigation.

The Bertillon System, Identification of Human Biological Features in Criminal Cases

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The Bertillon System is a system also known as the Bertillonage. This system was introduced by Alphonse Bertillon, an Anthropologist from France in 1879. This system is described as a technique for measuring the human body for comparison and anthropological classification.

In Criminology, this system is used to track and identify suspects and criminals. Alphonse Bertillion himself has classified human body parts to be identified in a criminal case, including:

  1. Body Height
  2. Head Width and Length
  3. Arm Range
  4. Sitting Height
  5. The Length of Middle and Little Finger of Left Hand
  6. Length of Left Foot
  7. Length of Left Arm
  8. Length of Right Ear
  9. Width of Cheek

Police used measuring instruments such as Calipers and Anthropometers to measure various parts of the body. Any data resulting from the measurements are recorded according to the standards and archived. In other words attached together with the mugshot.

“Every measurement slowly reveals the workings of the criminal. Careful observation and patience will reveal the truth.” 

Alphonse Bertillon

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