Elbow Height Measurement by Using Anthropometric Chair

Anthropometric Chair is the best option to measure anthropometric of human body dimensions. This anthropometry measurement tool can measure 34 dimensions of the human body in various positions: sitting, standing, and on face area.

Now, we would like to give a tutorial on how to measure elbow height below:

  1. Ensure the model of measurement is in standing and upright position;
  2. Turn the knob on the shoulder height gauge;
  3. Adjust the shoulder height gauge until it reaches the shoulder;
  4. Then, slide the upper and forearm gauge until it hits the elbow.

This measurement is known as elbow height. So, we measured the distance from the base to the main point between the upper arm and forearm (elbow) vertically.

You can see the detail of the measurement by visiting our official video tutorial below:

Elbow Height Measurement by Using Anthropometric Chair
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