Types of Laser Machines that can be used in the Healthcare Industry

In the life of every individual, health becomes an extremely important factor. This is evident from the level of public health in Indonesia, which is not yet entirely optimal. Despite inadequate healthcare management, the primary focus is on preventing prevalent health issues in Indonesia, including stunting.

Preventive measures need increased attention, including the role of healthcare tools in aiding prevention programs. We greatly need healthcare tools like anthropometric chairs to help alleviate issues such as child stunting.

Healthcare Equipment

To fulfill the needs of each region, we must produce healthcare tools widely. Furthermore, one of the factors for efficient healthcare tool production is the machining process of their manufacturing.

You can create healthcare tools using various processes, including injection processes, extrusion, and other methods. Moreover, these methods also encompass the utilization of laser machines. Laser machines play a role in producing parts of healthcare tools through material cutting and marking processes. In order to comprehend the different types of laser machines and their applications, let’s delve into the subject!

Types of Laser Machine

Laser machines come in various types, each with its functions, as detailed below:

1. CO2 Cutting Laser

This laser is a popular type of laser machine used in various industries. It is capable of cutting and engraving on both metal and non-metal materials. The working principle of this machine involves mixing CO2 gas with other gases through an electrical process.

2. YAG Cutting Laser

This laser is also known as a crystal laser, based on the output it produces. The machine generates a solid-state laser output due to its form. Because of its capability to produce more precise results, this is a common choice for working with metal and plastic materials.

3. Fiber Laser

This laser machine has a solid-shaped laser medium. The laser output consists of a beam with a very small spot size compared to other machines, making it 100 times more effective, especially for metal materials. Compared to other machines, the machine produces smoother processing results.

4. Marking Laser

Laser marking, a type of laser machine, is specifically to create marks on materials. This machine has lower power and is not capable of cutting materials. It can create marks on both metal and non-metal materials.

The Role of Laser Machines in the Healthcare Equipment Industry

After we’ve explored the various types of laser cutting machines, now let’s discuss the role of laser machines in the healthcare equipment industry.

These machines play a crucial role in precisely and minimally wastefully cutting materials for healthcare tools. Consequently, healthcare equipment needs to be manufactured with precision to maximize the functionality of the products.

For instance, in the case of anthropometric chairs, if the metal sheets aren’t cut precisely, it can affect the accuracy of measurements.

Another important function is material marking. Often, people use this process to create lines and markings for measurements. Through the utilization of laser machines, marking results can be achieved with clarity while minimizing damage to the material’s surface. Excessive damage to the material’s surface has the potential to affect measurement accuracy. .

Anthropometric Chairs

Well, from the beginning, there has been much mention of the anthropometric chair. So, what exactly is an anthropometric chair?

An anthropometric chair is a healthcare tool used to measure 34 dimensions of the human body. Moreover, this anthropometric chair’s function can find application in various aspects of life, including health, sports, design, and even fields like forensics and the military. For a more detailed explanation, please see below:

Solo Abadi as a Provider of Healthcare Equipment

Solo Abadi, situated in the city of Surakarta, operates as a manufacturing company. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has consistently manufactured a diverse range of products, extending its reach to international markets. The initial successful product sold was under the brand Light, which was used for cigarette products. This brand was capable of providing production codes on cigarette packs, tobacco separators, and paper separators.

Currently, one of the flagship products is healthcare equipment, particularly the anthropometric chair. This chair has effectively addressed the requirements of the Indonesian society. Additionally, various customers and health departments across Indonesia, and even customers from abroad, have ordered this product.

In addition to the anthropometric chair brand, Solo Abadi also produces a variety of healthcare equipment such as metrisis and stunting kits. For further information, you can visit the SOLO ABADI website or contact us through WhatsApp.

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