The Wise Way to Issue Allocation Base 2022 to Overcome Stunting

Did you know that The Indonesian government has requested 260 regional heads of Stunting Priority Districts to utilize the Allocation Base for Stunting to accelerate stunting reduction. However, at the end of 2021 the utilization rate of this budget is still not optimal. This is due to the lack of cross-sectoral coordination and regional and the knowledge regarding stunting prevention programs.

The programs that have been carried out are including the Provision of Supplementary Foods or Pemberian Makanan Tambahan (PMTT) for toddlers and pregnant women as well as the Provision of Blood Supplementary Tablets or Pemberian Tablet Tambah Darah (TTD) for girls and pregnant women. However, these two programs are not enough.

There are several areas that need more attention, such as the fulfillment of Anthropometric tools at the Posyandu or Integrated Healthcare Center. These are the following are recommendations for stunting prevention programs as a wise way to allocate Village Funds and Allocation Base

Fulfillment of Anthropometric Equipment at Integrated Healthcare Centre, Recommendations for Stunting Prevention Programs

Gambar ini memiliki atribut alt yang kosong; nama filenya adalah Alat-Ukur-Bayi-Posyandu-1024x576.jpg
Portable Stadiometer Measuring Instrument used at the Posyandu in Mundu Village

Based on the evaluation of the 2021 Allocation Base it was noted that the DAK for the Anthropometry Sub-Sector is a field that is not ‘touched’ by the Regional Government. This is because knowledge about the importance of anthropometry is still low. In addition, the majority of posyandu in Indonesia do not have adequate anthropometric measurement tools for infants and toddlers. Many of them still use measuring tapes that cannot be said to be precise and precise in their measurements.

Anthropometry is a measuring instrument for measuring the length or height of the human body. For infants and toddlers, body measurements are important to determine their health condition. The reason is, the body length of infants and toddlers is one indicator of stunting. Measurement size due to insufficient measuring tools will leads to fatal impact in this case. Therefore, it is important for the Regional Government and Village Government to procure anthropometric measuring instruments. Such as the Infantometer Board, Stadiometer, upper arm circumference measurement and weight measurement.

Stunting Kit, Recommendation for Anthropometry Measurements for Infants for Posyandu

Stunting Kit is a series of various tools to detect stunting from an early age in infants and toddlers. In Indonesia, medical devices in the field of anthropometry are still dominated by foreign products.

PT. SOLO ABADI INDONESIA, innovates by producing the most complete anthropometry package to detect stunting. Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia No. 2 of 2019. The Stunting Kit itself has several instruments such as the Infantometer Board, Portable Stadiometer, Arm and Head Circumference (LILA) and Body Weight Scales.

These are few packages of Stunting Kit that can be customized

Alat Ukur Panjang Bayi

Alat ukur panjang bayi


PT. SOLO ABADI INDONESIA fully supports government policies to reduce stunting in Indonesia. We provide a variety of anthropometry measuring instruments with excellent quality. We can also provide Stunting Kit according to your needs. Contact our admin via WhatsApp. Follow updates on the Solo Abadi website, for further info.

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