Stadiometer VS Microtoise, Which One Is Right To Use?

Measurement is important in monitoring children’s growth and development. Various measuring instruments have become widely spread in the market. For example, the measuring instruments that we often encounter are stadiometers and microtoise. A stadiometer is a height meter shaped like a pole equipped with footwear. While the microtoise is a height meter that is usually mounted on a wall and can be carried anywhere.

However, which of the two tools is the right one to use to measure a child’s height? Considering that both are used to measure the height of children over the age of two years. Check it out in this article to the end, yes.

Stadiometer VS Microtoise

The following is a comparison of stadiometer measuring instruments with microtoise, as follows:

1. Aspects of measuring instrument shapes

In terms of shape between the stadiometer and the microtoise, it is very clearly different. The shape of the stadiometer looks like a tall pole equipped with a head limiter and there is footwear as a foothold for measurements. Poles in a stadiometer are called pipes which usually consist of three pipes.

While the microtoise form is ribbon-shaped with different length variations. This tool is usually made of bendable metal or made of plastic.

Gambar ini memiliki atribut alt yang kosong; nama filenya adalah Stadiometer-VS-Microtoise-768x1086-724x1024.jpg
Shape of Stadiometer Measuring Instrument

2. Facets of Use

The use of a stadiometer only needs to install the pipe in order of its measurement numbers and the correct installation of the head limiter. After that, a stadiometer can be used to measure the height of a child over the age of two years.

While the use of microtoise must be pasted so that it requires a flat wall or board. This is necessary because the microtoise is shaped like a meter that must be stretched upwards to be used to measure the child’s height. However, microtoise can be carried anywhere because the tool is portable and small in size.

3. Aspects of Measurement Results

The stadiometer and the microtoise in terms of the accuracy of the gauge certainly have the same level of accuracy. However, it does not rule out the possibility that they have different accuracy differences. The stadiometer is equipped with a head limiter, which determines the actual result of the child’s measurement figures. Even if the child leaves after being measured, it will still leave the results of the measurement visible.

Gambar ini memiliki atribut alt yang kosong; nama filenya adalah stadiometer-vs-microtoise-4.jpg
Microtoise Measuring Instrument Shape

Meanwhile, microtoise is not equipped with a head limiter so that the results of children’s measurements can be read when the correct height measurement is taken. However, when the child leaves it will automatically change and cannot be read back.

Which Is the Right Measuring Tool To Use?

After seeing the comparison between the stadiometer and microtoise above, of course, you already know which is the right measuring instrument to use to measure a child’s height. Yes, is a stadiometer. Because this tool is more sturdy and equipped with a base and head limiter that is accurate in measurements. Easy and easy tool installation, making this stadiometer measuring instrument widely used by many people.

One of the manufacturers of stadiometer measuring instruments now exists in Indonesia. A manufacturing company located in the heart of Surakarta City, Central Java, namely PT Solo Abadi Indonesia. Providing accurate measuring instruments for measuring height, making this stadiometer measuring instrument has several advantages including:

  1. Made of safe and strong stainless steel material.
  2. There is a storage bag that makes it easier for users to maintain and store this measuring instrument safely.
  3. Accurate in measurement.
  4. Equipped with foot limiters and a head that is safe to use for children over the age of two years.
  5. Easy installation of the tool.
  6. It can be carried anywhere to take measurements because it is equipped with a storage bag.
  7. The price of the tool is relatively affordable.

Interested in owning this stadiometer from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia? Just contact us via WhatsApp. You can also visit our E-Katalog portal for the procurement of measuring instruments at the Agency or Institution. Get great prices from us via the ASK FOR PRICE link. Stay up to date with us on

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