Pregnancy in Adolescence, Can It Have an Impact on Stunting? A Young Mother Needs To Know.

Stunting can occur due to malnutrition during pregnancy until the child is two years old. However, the occurrence of stunting is closely related to early pregnancy or adolescence. We see that nowadays there are many cases of early marriage due to the factor of getting pregnant first. As we know, many teenagers aged 15-19 years apply for a marriage dispensation. The causes are diverse, some are already pregnant out of wedlock, economic factors, and matchmaking factors.

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Pregnancy in adolescence is very vulnerable to stunting. Why is that? Let’s discuss more here.

The Relationship between Early Pregnancy and Stunting

In early 2023, Indonesia was surprised by the number of cases of filing marriage dispensations by teenagers who were on average 15-19 years old. Because the incident of getting pregnant outside of marriage is a reason for filing for a marriage. Even though at that age, teenagers should be in the compulsory education period. However, the lack of optimal parenting education, economic factors, and lack of parental supervision has resulted in adolescents already experiencing pregnancy events.

Gambar ini memiliki atribut alt yang kosong; nama filenya adalah remaja-hamil-dan-pemicu-stunting.jpg

The high application for this marriage dispensation can also have an impact on stunting events. Why is that? Because the pregnancy period in adolescence is not ready to get pregnant and get married, it can be vulnerable to giving birth to stunted children if not handled properly. For example, parenting education and the fulfillment of nutrition during pregnancy that is lacking result in the fetus not experiencing optimal growth.

Stunting itself is an incidence of lack of nutrition during pregnancy or in the first 1000 days of life. Or occurs at the age of 0-2 years. If the child is indicated to be stunted, the characteristic that can be seen is his physical condition with short stature.

Pregnancy in adolescence and stunting should be prevented as well as possible. And the age of adolescents who are mature in marriage has been regulated in Law No. 16 of 2019 concerning marriage in Indonesia. A surge in high marriage dispensation could trigger stunting that will have an impact on welcoming the golden generation in 2024.

The importance of education and parental supervision is an important factor that needs to be taught to adolescents. And the dangers of stunting that plague this country need to be socialized and campaigned equally. This is to avoid this kind of incident.

The Impact of Pregnancy in Adolescence

In addition to having an impact on stunting, pregnancy in adolescence can also have an impact on the following events:

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  1. Can trigger domestic conflicts that lead to divorce rates.
  2. Prone to giving birth to babies with low body weight
    This may lead to increased maternal and infant mortality
    May trigger an increase in neonatal mortality of infants and toddlers
    Can provoke depression in the mother after birth

Thus, it is necessary to take action and socialize education to adolescents about the impact of adolescent pregnancy. And parental supervision of children’s associations also needs to be improved again.

Selling Tools for Stunting Detection

Stunting can be detected by monitoring child growth with anthropometric measurements. These measurements include height, weight, and measurements of the circumference of the upper arms and head. All these measurements are complete in one package of anthropometric tools kit.

Gambar ini memiliki atribut alt yang kosong; nama filenya adalah antropometri-kit-untuk-posyandu-723x1024.jpeg
Anthropometry Kit Package from Solo Abadi

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is one of the manufacturers of anthropometric kits in Indonesia, all products produced are originally made domestically. Anthropometry kits from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia produce anthropometric measuring instruments which include:

  1. Stadiometer (Pengukur Tinggi Badan)
  2. Infantometer Board (Body Length Gauge)
  3. Upper Arm and Head Circumference Band (LILA)
  4. Adult Scales
  5. Digital Baby Scales

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