In 2023 Solo Abadi is Ready to Meet the Needs of an Anthropometry Kit!

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia, Surakarta — Entering 2023, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is ready to welcome the need for anthropometric kits for the Health Office, Posyandu, Puskesmas, as well as the needs anthropometric kits in villages throughout Indonesia to alleviate stunting. As the largest manufacturer of anthropometric kit tools in Indonesia, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia has been trusted by various domestic and foreign institutions for anthropometric needs.

Anthropometry kits themselves are an important instrument in health services used in checking the health status of mothers and children. Anthropometric measurements start from measuring height, weight, and measuring the circumference of the upper arms and head. The use of anthropometry is motivated by high maternal mortality cases and soaring stunting rates. That way, it is necessary to improve health facilities such as anthropometric kits which are now mandatory for every puskesmas and posyandu throughout the country.

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Documentation by Solo Abadi Team

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia revealed that the anthropometric needs of its kits in 2022 have been met by 102,853 posyandu or 33.9% spread throughout Indonesia. Meanwhile, in 2023 the Ministry of Health targets anthropometric kit needs of 127,033 until 2024 targeted to reach 81,512 posyandu have anthropometry.

Therefore, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is ready to meet the needs of anthropometric kits in Indonesia both for the needs of the health office, posyandu, and puskesmas for 2023 to the coming year. As a private sector, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia continues to contribute and develop innovations in fulfilling domestic anthropometric kits.

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Documentation by Solo Abadi Team

Creative work and sincere service, are the tagline that is always held by PT Solo Abadi Indonesia to continue to advance and be trusted by various agencies. PT Solo Abadi Indonesia also opens collaboration and cooperation between lines and provides education about stunting and also the benefits of using anthropometry.

Official video delivery anthropometry kit by Solo Abadi Indonesia

About PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is the largest manufacturer of anthropometric measuring instruments in Indonesia. Presented by the country’s best talents in the process of development to production, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia has obtained a domestic medical device distribution permit (AKD) and has a Domestic Component Level (TKDN) certificate with a value of more than 40%. PT Solo Abadi Indonesia has also been trusted by the Ministry of Health in the Anthropometry Pilot Project by distributing Portable Stadiometers to 14 districts in Indonesia.

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