Training Public Speaking, Solo Abadi Gives Training to Intern Students

Surakarta, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia — Close to the world of education through an internship program, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia this time the arrival of students from Sebelas Maret University Surakarta (UNS). This student comes from a background in Electrical Engineering education and Mechanical Engineering Education programs.

As well as the purpose of the internship program itself, which is to provide opportunities for students who need new experience and insight in the world of manufacturing industry. This student from UNS also participated in projects in Solo Abadi which are currently being worked on, one of which is in the field of production. They jumped directly to see the production process of brands in Solo Abadi.

Documentation by the Solo Abadi Team, Friday (30/9/2022) at the Solo Abadi Lobby

Not only focusing on production, internal students or internships at Solo Abadi are also equipped with public speaking training or training in speaking in front of a crowd. On Friday (30/9/2022), this student was given a stage for a presentation about themselves. This aims to train skills in communicating in front of the front which can later be applied in lectures and the world of work.

Adnan Rizky Fauzi, Imron Fahrudin, Muhammad Amar Hidayat, Qoimam Bilqisthi, and Nadya Puteri Nur Utomo presented their personality, starting from education, daily activities, as well as their experiences before interning in Solo Abadi. The presentation is even more enjoyable with the completeness of the power points that they have presented with a design that attracts the audience to listen to them speak in front.

This presentation session was also equipped with input and evaluation given directly by the Solo Abadi Marketing Team, namely, C. Lintang Larasati, Indah Arum Sari, Aisyah Yuri Oktavania, and Aisyah Umi Khalsum. Each provided input and evaluation of the interns as they performed upfront. The input provided was also in the form of style/expression, powerpoint design, language style, and material writing. Each of the students was very excited about this public speaking training, even though at first they looked nervous. However, they give a good and satisfying presentation.

About PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is a company located in Surakarta, Central Java. Engaged in manufacturing and is the largest producer of portable stadiometerinfantometer boardanthropometric chair and stunting kit in Indonesia, which was established in 2005. Solo Abadi products can be applied in various fields of science such as health, anthropology, forensics, industrial engineering, product design, academia, to the military. We hope that we can continue to contribute to advancing the domestic industry by offering certified and licensed products for distribution.

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