Solo Abadi Partners with Social Entrepreneur Triana Rahmawati in a Discussion through Special Podcast

Surakarta, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia – Solo Abadi again invited great experts in their fields through the Expert Talk segment. In the discussion packaged as a podcast that will be published via the YouTube video sharing platform, Solo Abadi invited an expert in the field of Social Enterprise. The initiator of the Happiness Family’s Scholarship Program, Triana Rahmawati, who has been working in the field of Social Enterprise since 2011. The discussion was held at the PT Solo Abadi Indonesia Workshop on Wednesday (04/01/2023) evening.

Brief Profile of Triana Rahmawati

Triana Rahmawati or who is familiarly known as Ms. Tria is a Social Entrepreneur who has studied higher education up to Strata II in the Sociology study program. His figure studied under the auspices of the University of Sebelas Maret Surakarta. Since 2011, Ms. Tria has shown her sincerity in fighting for humanity with her colleagues through Griya Schizofernia which still exists today. The community that accommodates people with psychiatric problems then develops into a Social Enterprise. Starting from the spirit of Ms. Tria to increase public awareness to live side by side with those who have mental problems, to inviting people with schizophrenia to be creative.

Expanding Benefits in the World of Education

It was this initial step that led Tria to continue contributing to humanity. A few years later, her figure established a scholarship institution called the ‘Happiness Family Scholarship’. Starting from utilizing the empty space in his house, to reach more than 240 scholarship recipients throughout Indonesia.

Now the Happiness Family Scholarship has provided many benefits and facilitated training for students together with the Indonesian Social Impact Foundation. According to Ms. Tria, it is the role of all parties to contribute to world education in general and Indonesian education specifically. Watch the full discussion in the following #SobadTalkSpecial discussion:

Solo Abadi Working Creatively, Serving Sincerely!

About PT. Solo Abadi Indonesia

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