Anthropometric Measurements in Pre-Pregnant Women, Check It Out Here!

The world of health is already very familiar with the word anthropometry. Anthropometry is an instrument for measuring height, weight, and circumference of the upper arms and head. The purpose of this measurement is as an indicator in reviewing and monitoring the development of the nutritional status of individuals, both children, pregnant women, and pre-pregnant women. Similarly, weight measurement in women before pregnancy is an important indicator in determining the gestation period. For the weight of pre-pregnant women it is good to start the range of less than 45 kg.

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How are anthropometric measurements in women before pregnancy? Check it out in the following article.

Anthropometric Measurement Range in Pre-Pregnant Women

In facing readiness during pregnancy, a woman before pregnancy must also pay attention to weight and height in supporting nutritional status during her pregnancy. Because many of the cases that occur are the birth of babies with low birth weight. So to anticipate and suppress cases of low birth weight babies is by anthropometric measurements starting in the pre-pregnancy period.

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The main factor in monitoring the nutrition of the mother begins before the gestation period. Its important indicators start with the Body Mass Index (BMI) with height, weight, and the size of the circumference of the upper arms and head. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies BMI as underweight, normal, overweight, and obese with the following measurement ranges:

  1. Underweight Body Mass Index <18.5 kg
  2. Normal Body Mass Index 18.5-24.9 kg
  3. Overweight Body Mass Index 25-29.9 kg
  4. Obesity Body Mass Index >30 kg

Effect of Anthropometric Size on Pre-Pregnant Women

Anthropometric measurements in pregnant women have an important influence in undergoing pregnancy readiness. One of them is the nutritional and preventive indicators of babies with low weight births. If in the pre-pregnancy period a woman’s nutritional status is lacking, it will also have an impact on the period of pregnancy and in the long run it can occur to give birth to a baby with stunting conditions.

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Therefore, it is very important to monitor nutritional status through anthropometric measurements in the pre-pregnancy period. Eating intake and regularly taking medications or vitamins that help the smooth process of pregnancy is also very important. In addition, it can also predict the birth weight of the baby. It is also known that the pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI) contributes 88% to the newborn’s body weight. There is also a mention that pre-pregnancy BMI accounts for a birth weight of 22.6%. That way, pre-pregnancy BMI affects the baby’s birth weight and length.

Easy Detection of Anthropometric Measurements of Pre-Pregnant Women With This!

Currently, it is very easy to take anthropometric measurements, namely with the Anthropometry Kit. For pre-pregnant women, anthropometric measurements are carried out with height, weight, and upper arm circumference. Then you can easily get an anthropometric kit from us for the measurement of pre-pregnant women. We provide stadiometers (height gauges), adult scales (weight gauges), and LILA tapes (upper arm circumference gauges).

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Stadiometer Height Measuring Instrument
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Adult Weighing Gauge
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Upper Arm and Head Circumference Measuring Instrument (LILA)

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Official Video Body Measuring Tape from Solo Abadi
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