Understand the Automatic Machines That Used in the Food Industry

Previously we often discussed one of the machines that function in various industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry and the printing industry. This time we will present information that is still related to the machine but applied in the food industry. The machine is a feeder or light feeder machine. The name of the feeder machine in Indonesia is still rare because it is better known as the friction feeder machine. So, how does this feeder machine be used in the food industry? Check out the following explanation.

The Food Industry: Its Ins and Outs and Performance

The food industry is a type of business engaged in producing food including in the process of choosing raw materials, food processing, testing from food quality, packaging to food distribution activities. The potential and business prospects in the food industry are currently the attraction of the community in entrepreneurship, both small food businesses and large industries.

food industry workers in the production process
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Consumer demand for food needs in both domestic and international markets has increased relatively steadily. The food industry became one of the leading industrial sectors with its outstanding performance. This was revealed in a press release of the Ministry of Industry in November 2021 which stated that the food industry in the third quarter of 2021 contributed 38.91% to the GDP growth of the non-oil and gas processing industry.

Machinery in the Food Industry

In the food industry, of course, there are production machines in the processing of food. One of these machines we have alluded to at the top earlier, what machine is it? A feeder or friction feeder machine.

feeder machines in the food industry
Form of Feeder Machine in the food industry

A feeder machine is a machine that can remove paper objects one by one automatically which is then channeled through the conveyor. The workings of this machine are to carry, deliver, and prepare food that will be produced in the next process. Feeder machines or more commonly called friction feeders in the food industry can be used in labeling packaging on food.

Packaging is very important in the production process. Packaging serves as a place to protect food from interference and maintain security and facilitate marketing and distribution to manufacturers, distributors, and consumers.

Food packaging in the food industry
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Good packaging of food products will increase the selling value to consumers. Consumers will glance at our food products if the packaging is good. Packaging in the production process is in the last stage. Usually, the packaging is done by labor with the help of machinery or done manually. But if the demand for production is much, then manual power in packaging will take a lot of time.

For that, this feeder machine can be used in simplifying the packaging process in large quantities. Why should a feeder machine be in the packaging process? Because:

  1. Facilitate packaging effectively and efficiently
  2. Machines can work on different types of paper sizes used in packaging.
  3. Save production time
  4. Minimize packaging errors during production
  5. Can work on the packaging process in large quantities

Feeder Machine From Solo Abadi

In Indonesia, manufacturers of feeder machines or friction feeders are still rarely encountered or rare. Most of these machines are imported from foreign markets. However, currently, in Indonesia there is already a feeder machine manufacturer, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia.

The shape and design of feeder machine from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia
Feeder Machine from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is a manufacturing company located in the city of Surakarta, Central Java. One of its product brands is Light Feeder. Feeder machine products from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia have advantages including:

  1. The only one in Indonesia
  2. The machine can be operated automatically
  3. The machine is designed with simple
  4. The machine can work on all product sizes according to needs
  5. The machine can be connected with other production machines according to the needs
  6. The machine is easy to clean and use for a long period
  7. The machine is made of Stainless Steel so it is anti-rust and stronger for use
  8. It has been used in various industries, such as the cigarette and printing industries

Get the best deals on feeder machines from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia by contacting us via WhatsApp 62851-0088-8111. You can also directly fill out the ASK FOR PRICE to make a price quote. You can also order or request a product trial according to your industry needs in the work of feeder machines. Visit our Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube to see in detail the feeder engine.

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