Left Elbow Height Sitting Comfortable Measurement Using Portable Anthropometry

Portable Anthropometry is the most complete range of measuring instruments. This instrument is designed to perform 100 dimensions of measurement anywhere and anytime. Measuring tools in Portable Anthropometry include:

  1. Anthropometer
  2. Anthropometer Stand
  3. Branches Measurement Curves
  4. Sliding Caliper
  5. Small Spreading Caliper
  6. Large Spreading Caliper

Measurement of Elbow Height Sitting Left is the measurement of the elbow of the left hand in a sitting position. The instrument used is Anthropometer.

The following passage is the procedure for measuring Elbow Height Sitting, Left:

1. Anthropometer

Place the anthropometer bar that has been arranged with the Sliding Block on the seat mat. Make sure the object is sitting comfortably

Gambar ini memiliki atribut alt yang kosong; nama filenya adalah Elbow-Height-1024x576.png

Elbow height sitting left measurement is obtained

Gambar ini memiliki atribut alt yang kosong; nama filenya adalah Elbow-Height-Measurement-1024x576.png

Watch the entire Elbow Height Sitting Comfortable Left Measurement Tutorial

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About PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

PT. SOLO ABADI INDONESIA fully supports government policies to improve domestic medical device products. Portable Anthropometry products have been used by various industries, ranging from forensics, medical sciences, military, and aviation both at domestic and abroad.

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