Laboratory Space for Ergonomic Lecture Practice, What’s Like?

The field of Science is closely related to practicum and research activities. One of them took one of the fields of Science majoring in Engineering or Agriculture was very familiar with research and research to research something. This research can be done in person or in a closed room.

In-room research, we are no strangers to the name of the laboratory. Yes, the laboratory is a room used for research and experiments. As well as a learning tool for students to improve student skills in research.

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In the laboratory, there are practical tools such as support and media for research. Such as beer glasses, measuring cups, glass funnels, measuring pipettes, and other supporting tools. However, the arrangement of these tools in the laboratory must also prioritize ergonomic aspects so as not to interfere with the movement of user activities. Then what is the ergonomic arrangement of the laboratory room with anthropometric aspects? Check out more in the following article.

Anthropometric Data in Laboratory Room Design

An ergonomic laboratory space certainly requires an anthropometric approach in its manufacture. For example, in making laboratory chairs, laboratory tables, or even research support equipment. For this reason, anthropometric data on human dimensions are needed to design equipment and laboratory layouts. Anthropometric data is data measuring the dimensions of the human body which will later be used in the design.

Here are the anthropometric data on the dimensions of the human body in the design of laboratory space for tables and chairs:

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  1. Shoulder height in a sitting position
  2. Elbow height in a sitting position
  3. Thigh thickness
  4. Popliteal height
  5. Popliteal length
  6. Hip width
  7. Shoulder width
  8. Hand span

With these dimensions of the human body, anthropometry is applied in the design of ergonomic laboratory spaces. Such as the layout and placement of chairs, tables, and other accessories.

Ergonomic Laboratory Room Layout

An ergonomic laboratory room certainly pays attention to the layout of placing tables, chairs, and other equipment to facilitate the user’s movement space. The following is an ergonomic laboratory space laying arrangement:

Gambar ini memiliki atribut alt yang kosong; nama filenya adalah ruang-laboratorium-yang-ergonomis.jpg
  1. The table should meet the normal position according to the shape of the back
  2. The height of the table can be adjusted as desired
  3. Table safe to use with elbows of the table unsharp
  4. The light intensity of the room is maintained by having lights
  5. Add symbol captions to each piece of equipment to make it easier for users to use
  6. The desk has storage of items such as drawers
  7. The table is comfortable to use with the presence of a bag hanger
  8. The size of the table and chair design is tailored to the user
  9. Table movable
  10. There are additional features such as a footrest
  11. The room has air conditioning
  12. Can stretch with the availability of distance in each piece of equipment
  13. There are clear instructions for the use
  14. Organized desk with ATK storage

Measuring Human Body Dimensions Accurately For Laboratory Space Design

In measuring the dimensions of the human body accurately, precise and accurate measuring instruments are also needed. For this reason, the following measuring instrument that is appropriately used to measure the dimensions of the human body is Portable Anthropometry. Portable Anthropometry is a breakthrough in the field of anthropometry as a supporting facility for measuring the dimensions of the human body up to 100 measurements. The design of this tool is portable, where it can be used and carried anywhere and anytime.

You can already find Portable Anthropometry in Indonesia with us at PT Solo Abadi Indonesia the largest anthropometric company in Indonesia. We make sure and guarantee that this tool is ORIGINAL domestically made. It is proven by the fact that many educational institutions in Indonesia have used this tool.

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Official Video of Portable Anthropometry Delivery to the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Bandung, West Java

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