Anthropometric Table Design For Disabled Accessibility

Until now, many schools and universities still have not implemented or provided facilities for students and students with disabilities. They still assume that people with disabilities will not be able to follow the teaching and learning process in class. Even though they want to be treated the same as other students to get equality and opportunity in accessing education. Therefore, it is necessary to design an anthropometric table design. to provide a sense of comfort and make it easier for persons with disabilities to access educational accessibility.

Get to know the anthropometric table

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The prototype of the anthropometric table design still puts forward the principles of ergonomics to increase work productivity. With increased productivity, it is hoped that learning activities will become more comfortable. Like their colleagues who do not have disabilities. This anthropometric table can make users more empowered and able to work independently. So that it can accommodate the needs of students and students with disabilities who use wheelchairs in the classroom.

Studying anthropometric table design

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It is necessary to make the initial prototype of this anthropometric table to get the shape and size according to the user that can be adjusted flexibly. From the standard side of the anthropometric table measurement, both from the height and low of the table, the length of the table, and the accuracy of the table position. So the anthropometric table design has several features that are designed based on the needs and habits of using the product. The design of the frame structure design and strong materials are important points. Because they have a big impact not only in terms of ergonomics but also on the durability of use for the long term.

Dimensions of body size in designing the table

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Efforts to improve the quality of anthropometric desks ergonomically must be done to avoid health risks. And it is necessary to match the dimensions and sizes of the study table according to anthropometric standards that meet health.

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Several aspects need to be considered in designing an ergonomic chair using anthropometry:

  1. Table height, using the dimensions of sitting elbow height with a 50th percentile value. Because the table is too high to raise the elbows during writing or typing activities.
  2. The length of the table, using the dimensions of the width of the fingertip extending from left to right, the size used is the 95th percentile.
  3. Width of the table, using the dimensions of the length of the forehand reach from the shoulder to the tip of the finger, the size is used in the 95th percentile.

Benefits of using an anthropometric table

Some people with disabilities have different special needs, but in the case of anthropometric tables. There are still many things that need to be developed regarding their features to facilitate accessibility for users. With this anthropometric table, it is hoped that it can accommodate the needs of students and students with disabilities. So that they can move in the classroom independently and provide a sense of comfort for their users in the teaching and learning process.

Accurate Anthropometry Chair

Given the importance of anthropometric measurements of human body dimensions in the application of designing a table design, a tool is needed. Now PT Solo Abadi Indonesia has an anthropometric chair product. That has a high level of accuracy that can measure 34 dimensions of the human body in a modern, effective and efficient manner. In addition, measurements can be divided into 3 parts: standing position, sitting position, and facial area measurement.

If you are interested in anthropometric chairs from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia, please visit the website anthropometric chair. You can directly contact me via whatsapp. Solo Abadi will always be creative in their work and sincerely serve you.

Written by Muhammad Amar Hidayat, 5th-semester student of Mechanical Engineering Education FKIP UNS batch 2020.

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